Not Black and Not White

Being in between is the toughest, isn't it? Like how do you know which side to go? I always used to operate at the extremes. I either gave it my hundred percent or did not care at all. But sometimes as you grow up, you realise that you always can't be at the ends. And,... Continue Reading →

Can you walk with me, daddy?

I stare into the headlights like nothing is wrong. The sound's creaking and my wall is breaking. I don't know what is next, I don't know what is left. Can you walk with me, daddy? Is it okay if I just survived? Can we call it a day? just you and me Eating ice-creams the... Continue Reading →

Depression is Real

Growing up, we always used to use the word "depressed". Depression, then used to denote being extremely sad about something that does not go your way like breaking up with your partner or fighting with your friend. Depression is not about being sad. It is about feeling multiple things in your head that makes it... Continue Reading →

The suffering of a Thalassophile

It is pretty hard when you love something too much but are also scared of it. There are a lot of things that I am scared of- falling out of love, heights, frogs, fishes. But, fishes rank high of them all. There is something about their eyes, that makes me cringe. Living or dead, fishes... Continue Reading →

Not Everything Is About You

It is time you forgive yourself for all the things that you did not do. Not everything is about you. The people who walked out of your life, the kisses that slit your throat, the ghosts that haunted your nights, they were all meant to be. You can curse or hate them but you can... Continue Reading →

What is in a name?

To be very honest, I was not excited about the release of the film "Super Deluxe". I went to the film only because a friend of mine bugged me and I was blown. How can someone living in 2019 have such an understanding of life? There are so many layers to this movie and each... Continue Reading →


We can pen in for hours and hours About all the things that we dreamt of And how the grass is greener there To dream is not a crime But do the boundaries hurt? For regret sweeps in When one wrong turn changes your life And takes you to a path, swivel But, so many... Continue Reading →

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