Do you know what’s hard?

Silence in a room full of people. You sit there amidst people talking, shouting, and catching up. But all that you hear is silence. A deafening silence that makes you go mad.

Sometimes in life, you think you are done with all your battles. You think you have finally got everything figured out and that it is all going to be great moving forward. Then something happens, one small thing changes and it shatters every single dream you have built. It pushes you back to that dark space in your mind. You won’t understand what went wrong. You will have questions, a lot of them. You will want to know why. Why all your efforts were not worth anything.

Flashes of whatever you wanted will continue to haunt you. It’s like having random episodes of pain in a day. You’d want to scream, yell and cry. But when you open your mouth, your voice lets you down. It’s almost like you have forgotten to speak.

That’s when it comes out – the lie. You lie to yourself that you don’t want anybody. That you are self-sufficient, that you are enough. Yes, you are. But, it takes time to build a foundation like that. And, if you build it in a hurry, it will all come down even before you finish it. So, when in pain, when you have lost hope, take all the help that you can get.

Slowly you will realize what you are capable of. And, when you do, you will let go of things that bother you, one by one and all at once.

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