Starting over

Sometimes in life, we make mistakes. We choose the wrong major, date the wrong person, take the wrong job. These mistakes are a proof that you are experimenting. And, not all experiments are meant to succeed. You earn from some, you learn from some.

We hold on to these things even if they hurt us because they are familiar. But, familiarity cannot by itself be a reason to stay in a place you no longer belong. Weigh down what is weighing you. It is hard to say goodbye to the things and people you held so dearly. But, isn’t clinging on to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time perfecting it, a waste of time?

You can ask yourself a thousand times how the sun rose one day and things seemed different. How everything changed and yet you are here, clueless of what is next. But isn’t that what life is all about? You laugh, you cry, you cherish, you love, you hurt, you get hurt and then at the blink of an eye you’d do it all over again.

We have all been there, trying to desperately fix the relationship, the job, convince ourself that we like the place where we are. But are you really happy with where you are? Do you somewhere at the bottom of your heart crave for better things, a happier one? If your answer is yes, close your eyes, take that leap of faith and start over.

Starting over is scary. Nobody said it would be easy, but it is worth all the pain.

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