Paradoxically Uncertain

Every time life drops a change there is an uncertainty that comes along with it. If the change brings happiness we wonder how long we would feel that way. If it brings sadness, we wonder what else is in store. But the truth is, everything in life is uncertain.

As a human, when you see something that is breathing, smiling and being everything that you imagined. You start building one thing over the other. And, finally when everything is said and done. You realise that you have built a home over a river. 

A river takes everything with it as it flows. Everything. Oh darling, people are like rivers. You can’t make them a home. As they move, they take everything that you put in them. 

No matter how much you try to hold on to them, they will take a part of you forever with them. And, what do you do then? You can either stand there watching it all go or dive; risking everything you have, desperately trying to save what has already left. 

Irrespective of what you choose remember this: it’s not how you fly but how you fall that differentiates you from others. It’s always about what you do when the one thing that means so much is stripped away from you. 
So whether you choose to stand or dive, be prepared for what comes with it. But, first build a home you can go to no matter what you choose. A home that will welcome you. And most importantly, build it inside you.

Everything in the world is paradoxically uncertain, except you. So, play the game with what you have. And, by the end of it even if you lose, you would have still gained something. 

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