Not Black and Not White

Being in between is the toughest, isn’t it?

Like how do you know which side to go? I always used to operate at the extremes. I either gave it my hundred percent or did not care at all. But sometimes as you grow up, you realise that you always can’t be at the ends. And, if you are someone like that you may find the middle ground suffocating.

There is this voice inside my head that keeps pushing me hard to do what I want. It had tricked me into believing that all great things are at the extremes. You are either completely there or you are not. There is no in-between. True, that’s beautiful. But what about the times, when you can’t choose? What about the days when you can’t call it a black or a white?

It is a real struggle. But only if you think of it to be. I did too. Until one day things stopped being that way. I was standing in the middle and that gave me a 360 degree perspective. And, the best part was I could choose the path I want.

It then occurred to me that being in the middle is not as bad as it seems to be. Aren’t islands in the middle of the ocean? Aren’t they not one of the most beautiful things on earth? Standing in the middle of the ocean, you don’t think about which side to go. Somethings in life are like islands. You stay and enjoy the moment and when you have to leave, you sail through a path that you think is right. Sometimes you reach your destination earlier, sometimes, it takes longer than you think. But, you reach the place where you need to be. Maybe that’s what life is all about, enjoying things, living the moment, and believing that life will take you to the exact place at the exact moment.

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