Not Everything Is About You

It is time you forgive yourself for all the things that you did not do. Not everything is about you. The people who walked out of your life, the kisses that slit your throat, the ghosts that haunted your nights, they were all meant to be. You can curse or hate them but you can never ignore them. They are the reason behind what you are today.

The world is divided into 3 types of people. The ones who would not like you no matter what you do, the ones who may or may not like you but can co-exist with you and finally the ones who love you fiercely. You cannot be everybody’s cup of tea. You shouldn’t be.

It is not your fault to have let everyone swim in your ocean, taste the substance of your soul or even let them leave fingerprints on your spine. Because of them, you learned. You now know what it means to give and receive.

Not everybody will fight for you. But if someone does hold on to them. They are your silver lining. Forgive those who didn’t. Not everybody is capable of seeing the person that you are. Remember there are two sides to every story. You cannot reprimand it. There are people, who no matter what you do, will never like you. It is not your fault. It is also not your job to show them the value you add to the world.

Loving someone isn’t easy. At some point, the world will ask you to be pretentious. Willingly or unwillingly you’d give in. It is a struggle to keep yourself going when everything around you is falling apart. It is like sticking on to one tune, playing it back to back on your mind, when everybody around you is singing a different song.

Maybe sometimes, you really want things to work out. You look at this person in front of you and the repercussions of not making peace dawns on you. All the unimaginable, unbearable things flow right in front of you. But shouldn’t you let it go if you have to protect yourself? What good does it do to save what you have when you have lost yourself in the process. The people we are with should let us grow, they should make us a better version of ourselves.

When something bothers you, it bothers you. There are no two ways about it. You cannot be held responsible for what others do. What they do to you is a reflection of who they are and not what you are. This is the part that most people don’t understand. If being with them brings out the worst in you, then leave. That’s the best thing to do. You don’t deserve to put yourself in a place that leaves you with nothing but negativity.

The world is also filled with people who no matter what will love you fiercely. Look at that side and things won’t hurt any longer. These are the people who will not take you for granted. They won’t fumble as you go deep. They will stick to you even if you ask them to leave. This is the strength you need.

Everything has its own way of unfolding. The clouds may paint a different picture every day. You may not like everything you see, you don’t have to. Let it go, instead, focus on the sky – that’s the constant in your life.


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