An Open Letter To The One Who Thinks He/She Is A Lost Cause

I don’t know you, but if this letter brings you even 1% of solace, I am glad.

I don’t know who you are, maybe I never will. But, if you are here because you are feeling a deep pain within, let me tell you something – you are braver than you think you are. That everlasting voidness that you feel, I do too.

It’s like you are drowning in a sea while every other person you love dearly is standing on the rock looking at you. You might feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, trying hard to breathe while the salt water slowly seeps into your mouth, lungs, and every other part that is fighting hard.

Everything that you do might seem like a lost cause. I understand what it feels like when you want to talk about the things that bother you while everyone else assumes that it’s going to be nothing but a whine fest.  I know what it takes to hold back to every tear, every word that is bursting its way out. It takes a lot of courage to feel that way and still be sane.

Maybe the people around you don’t know what it feels to have everything fall apart. Some people are blessed that way. But, you and me, we are here to take the difficult path. Trust me when I tell you I know what it feels like to be out there hanging by a thin thread. Something so flimsy, that it might break anytime.

I know that you cry so much every day that even your eyes turn numb. It’s like you are fighting an unknown battle with nothing but the hope of better things as an arsenal. You start questioning everything around and you don’t even know if you truly belong here.

I am not here to preach nor throw some light on your problems. I don’t even know your problems. But let me tell you something –

The cold deep dark sea that you are in, can pull you down. But it cannot keep you there forever. I know it hurts. It hurts because you are still capable of feeling. It hurts because you still care and hope for better things. You are still holding on to the little things you have. Although it might look like it is worth nothing, you are here breathing and fighting because it means something to you. You know that too. Hold on to that a little stronger.

The dark tunnel might be longer than you anticipated, but it has to end somewhere. Keep swimming. I know it’s hard to venture into the unknown with no lights to guide you, but when you come out, you’d be a different person. Hold on to that thought. Someone out there, someone you love might want you to be their light and you are going to be amazing. Don’t give up because it is difficult now.

You are fighting so hard because you believe in something. And, as far as you believe in it, it is not a lost cause. What you might be going through is hard. It could hurt you and maybe even break you, but hey, look at the bigger picture. When everything is said and done, none of this will matter. Yes, you might lose a lot of things on the way, but you are going to come out stronger and bolder than ever.

And, just so that you know, you will never get more than what you can take.

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