What is in a name?

To be very honest, I was not excited about the release of the film “Super Deluxe”. I went to the film only because a friend of mine bugged me and I was blown. How can someone living in 2019 have such an understanding of life? There are so many layers to this movie and each of it is so beautifully and seamlessly woven into the story “Super Deluxe”. So, why is it called Super Deluxe? I don’t know. But, what is in a name?

The movie revolves around my most favourite concept – Love. Over the years I have tried to explain this to anyone who argues with me on this topic. And, there is this person, who has put it out to the world in a beautiful way. It was such a delight to watch this movie. The love that you have on your people are the same. There are no two ways to it. The love you have on your mom, your child, your spouse is all the same. What differs is how you choose to express it.

We live in a time where whether you like it or not sex plays an important part in your life. It is sort of becoming the easiest thing to get. Even here, sex might look like the thing that drives the movie, but if you take a deeper look, you will understand that it is love that forms the crux of the film.

Shilpa, Jyothi and Rasukutty


A man wants to become a woman and he pursues what he thinks is correct. Manikam becomes Shilpa. And, is she happy about that? Maybe, yes. She feels guilty about the horrible things she has done and is scared that her bad deeds might chase her son. He could have avoided the transformation, and been the man that he was born to be. Would have he been happy about it? Nobody cares about it. Was it the right thing to do? If you ask me, it was a selfish decision, but aren’t we all selfish at some point in time?

Moving on to Jyothi and Rassukutty, what was their mistake in the story. Jyothi is a typical girl who wants to live her life with her husband and the child is just an innocent as any kid could be. Why did they have to be tormented for over 5 to 6 years without a husband and a dad? Why did the society not let them live in peace? And, finally, when Shilpa came back, was the world okay with everything?

What brought Shilpa home, when she still knew that the world would not accept her was her love for her son. The whole world saw Shilpa differently. She was perceived to be selfish, stupid and what not. In the eyes of the child, none of that mattered. The child does not give in to the societal pressures. He does not even understand any of it. He does not care if Shilpa plays the role of a mom or a dad. All that matters to him, is for Shilpa to be with him.

On the flip side, Rassukutty and Jyothi could have felt ashamed. But, they did not. They felt pain but not shame. Had they operated from the point of shame, Jyothi would have stopped Shilpa from going to the school, Rassukutty would have not made a fuss about Shilpa leaving. Pain and helplessness are so beautifully portrayed in the story.  For someone who has lived all his life without a dad, how hard is it to reset the clock and go back to how it was before? Why did that not happen?

Mughil and Vaembu


When a girl chooses to have sex with someone, she is branded as a slut. If I have to talk about the same thing against a man, a thousand people would come to me arguing about that. They would brand me as feminist, wanna be and what not. So, let’s not just go there. We do not have the background of Vaembu’s story, maybe she was forced into this marriage. Maybe she was not ready or maybe she wasn’t getting the attention that she deserved. Also, Vaembu did not plan on having sex, it happened at the spur of the moment. What shocked me was, she wasn’t trying to escape from it, she was acceptive and was ready to face the consequences.

As an orthodox husband from  South India, how would you react to what Vaembu did? You come home to find your wife’s lover dead in your refrigerator. While you are out trying to make things alright, it strikes you that your wife does not even know your food preference. What hurts more? The fact that your wife cheated on you or the fact that everything was a lie?

Why does he still stick around and try to dispose of the body when he had so many reasons not to?

Leela and Arpudham

Super Deluxe Movie Stills Starring Ramya Krishnan

You receive a naked picture of a girl you know, who do you blame immediately? Why did you even receive that picture in the first place? Is it okay for you to see the picture but horrible of the person to be there in the frame? And, aren’t these women a mother/wife/daughter to someone like you?

The world is made up of perspectives. What might seem worldly to you could be futile to someone else. One of the brilliant characters in the movie is that of Arpudham’s. You keep believing that God saved you for the good deeds that you did only to find out that someone who has performed the most inhuman act was also saved by God. What does that make you? That’s for the audience to ponder upon.

When their son is serious, both Leela and Arpudham try in ways that they know to save their child. One is practical while the other seeks the help of the Almighty. Leela knew that her son was just a few seconds away from killing her, did that stop her from loving him?

The boys

All the other characters in the movie were some way or the other forced into being with each other. It’s like the unspoken law, as a parent or a spouse you are bound to be with each other. Then, there are these friends, who did not have to stick on to each other. But, they did. When one broke the television, the others could have ran away. The boy could not have questioned them. But, did they? Instead, they ran around the corners of the world to make things right for their friend. It is such an eternal feeling when people do things for you even though they are not conditioned to.

Also, the scene where there was so much money in the Seth’s house, but the boy only took the money he needed is a slap on our face. Were we also like this? At what point in life did we become greedy? What drives us to do mistakes?

Why did every story seem so wrong and right at the same time? Why did they all choose to be there for each other when they could have easily gotten away with things and still lived a better life. Because, you can’t do that when you love someone. Call him/her a mom, dad, husband, wife, friend, son, or daughter. Call them whatever you want. What is in a name?



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