The Blurred Boundaries

What is coming will come, and we will meet it when it does.” – Hagrid

The orange flames threw angry specks of dust at her. She stood there as fear embered down her body consuming her. Showers of hot flame crept over the place swallowing every particle on its path. Oh narrow ridge, stop burning so hard.

She held on to a boulder and pushed herself to catch hold of another above her. The deep black smoke chased her desperately into the sky. The smog passed through her nostrils and filled her windpipe. She tried hard to breathe. Her eyes burned as the ashes surfaced parallelly. She begged her exhausted muscles to move and with one final shot, she mustered up and pulled herself up to the other side. She stood behind a giant rock that redirected the flame. There was enough room only for her little feet.

Not too far from where she was, was the light. The boundary for all her misery. Her palms were sore from all the heat. Every part of her body that touched the rock burned because of the heat. Her heart lept for a moment. Was this it? She was finally safe.

She called the names of those behind her only to hear the scorching flames sing back to her. With every step, she had taken she had lost a heart. The heart that held her roof from crashing. She held on to the rock and screamed on top of her voice one more time. She hoped to hear back from them. She stood there looking back into the hungry flames, wishing it was a nightmare. Everything that meant the world to her disappeared behind the black veil in a flicker of an eye.

The yellow, red and orange waves below burned her bare feet. It did not matter anymore, or maybe she grew numb to it. Her eyes stopped crying, and her brain turned cold. She smiled and moved. The fuming red sea or the height was not what she was scared of now. Suddenly, her heart felt lighter, and the blurred boundaries looked better.

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