Fleeting Thoughts

Stranded by the sea, there was water everywhere. One couldn’t tell where the deep blue sea ended and the sky started. She* stood there like one of those statues watching the horizon. The monstrous waves hit her as hard as they could.

The smell of salt in the breeze filled her nostrils stifling her. Her unbraided tresses coiled around each other as the wind played catch me if you can. The undulating white foams looked hungry enough to take her with them. Along with it came a rhythmic percussion that would lure anybody in.

A school of small fishes swam through the puddles between her legs. Everything around her took their normal course of action – tiny hands shaped the roof of the castle, fishmongers yelled at the top of their voices calling out customers, a bunch of friends dipped into the waves while another captured it from behind.

Every single sound fell lull to her ears. She was in a trance where nothing mattered. A much-needed solitude that she embraced out of love and not loneliness. She had kissed every part of her life with tenderness and acceptance.

Some were happy and some bitter. Some taught her a meaning. But everything led her to that fragmentary tale. A tale that she spun around her then fragile fingers.

Up until yesterday, everything remained the same. Today, she looked at the waves and it hit her how much he would like it. And, the very thought of it put a twinkle in her eye. A feeling long lost.

Thoughts about him did not strike her like a lightning. It passed through her slowly as the early morning sunshine. The warmth spread all over her even before she realized it. The truth about her love is that she did not see it coming and when it did it took a part of her forever.

Is it odd that at the age of 45, she could feel what she once felt at 18? Is it sad that she did not attempt to fill in the fragmentary tale? Or is it self-torture to know that it was him all the while and yet do nothing about it?

No one can say except for her. Years later in the fleeting moment, as their eyes met, she knew he felt it too. The things that are meant for you will scare you, confuse you and maybe if you are at luck surprise you. But you will know it when you see it. Things although as unsettling as it may seem will calm you down with a wild confidence. Sometimes all that you need to do is believe that what is meant for you will find it’s way even through closed doors.

Did it find her? Only time can tell.

Neritha thiraikkadalil ninmugang kandaen: neela visumpinudai ninmugang kandaen;
(I see your face in the vast oceans, In the blue skies too, I see your face,)

Thiritha nuraiyinidae ninmugang kandaen: sinnak kumizhigalil ninmugang kandaen;
(In the wandering spume of the oceans I see your face, In the tiny bubbles of water I see your face,)

Pirithup pirithu nidham maegam alandhdhae, petradhun mugamandrip piridhondrillai;
(In the process of studying the clouds in detail, all I realised was your beautiful face and nothing else,)

Siritha oliyinilun kai vilakkiyae thirumith thazhuviyadhil ninmugam kandaen.
(Even after you smiled and  removed your hands from my eyes, I turned back and  looked at your glorious face)

*Inspired from a story by a stranger

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