Life can sometimes be a Polaroid. Static, happy, deceptive, dated and nobody knows what happened before or after the moment. Sometimes that’s great because nobody needs to know the roller coaster ride that your mind is taking you through. It’s easy to wrap everything that you feel in a beautiful gift wrapper and present it to the world rather than talking about it.

But, what good does it do? To talk about the things that scare you. I mean after all you are an adult and adults don’t get scared, do they? Were our parent’s scared when they had us? I bet they did, I mean look at the mess that you are today and imagine what a little bundle of shit you would have been when you were like a month old. Maybe you don’t remember them being scared because all that you know about their twenties is from the bunch of photos that they showed you.

Life in the twenties can be challenging. A lot of them do good for themselves while a some don’t. Immaterial of whether you do good or not, there is something weird about the decade. It’s the time where impatience takes over you. You would want everything figured out – your job, salary, future plans, insurance policies, retirement plans, relationships. Like, everything.

But the truth is, nobody had it figured out, not your parents and not your grandparents. They made you believe that they did so that you would grow to be a strong individual and take proper decisions. So, there is no need to hustle. Everything takes time. The best project that you will work in your twenties is you. There are only two possibilities that life will throw you – either it will work or it won’t. And it’s your call any day. In the last 22 – 30 years of your life, you had spent around 3 years constantly screaming, crying, and wailing. And the next 18 to 20 years trying to sophisticate yourself by not doing any of the above-mentioned stunts.

When it has taken you about 21 to 24 years to groom yourself to be the person that you are today, there is no harm in shedding a few more light years in shaping it.

Career, relationships, plans – it’s complicated. The sole purpose of any relationship that you gain in your twenties is to make you stronger, wiser and sharper. Well, what do I say, some understand it sooner and some take time. But, there is time and that’s the only thing that you don’t have to worry about.

When you are 80 and rocking, the world will not talk about your twenties. I bet you wouldn’t even remember all this. Because a decade from now, you will still have polaroids to deceive everything. So take a deep breath, enjoy and accept what is on your plate today.




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