My Blue Elephant

Dear Impulsive Advisor,

“Marry your Best Friend”, someone once said. And, that’s all that I hear now. But why should I?

If your answer is because it will facilitate understanding, protection, and love. Isn’t that a basic expectation? Well, not the Instagram basic. The real-life ‘Basic’ basic. Also, that’s exactly the page we are in. Then, why do you want me to marry him?

I’ll tell you why, because the world cannot stand it if a girl and a boy can just be friends. They always need something more. Finding a boyfriend/husband may be hard. Trust me when I tell you this – finding a friendship this pure is a million times harder. And, I definitely wouldn’t want to trade that for anything in the universe.

Given an alternate reality, I’d still choose to be his friend. Because, that makes me special. Selfishly also because I will always need him. I’ll need him when I am getting ready for a party and I’ll still want him around when I screw up after one.

I will want him to cover up for me when I am too wasted to answer my parent’s call and then again at 12 in the midnight when I complain about how nothing turns up in my life.

I will need him to spell out ‘life’ for me and sometimes an even difficult word. We have argued, fought and sometimes even considered killing each other. But, do you know what’s the best part about it – we survived each other’s tantrums.

Yes, I love him. I’d do anything to protect him without batting an eye. He might always be my priority. But that doesn’t mean he has to be my boyfriend or husband. He is something a lot more than that – My best friend.

If you think my future boyfriend/husband or his future girlfriend/wife might have a problem with our friendship then it simply shows how small their mind is. Honestly speaking if our spouses’ really know us, they’d understand how much we value and respect this friendship. And, just like that, your concerns wouldn’t be a problem at all.

I remember reading this somewhere when you ask a child to color something, she would happily pick a crayon and start coloring. She’d go out of the lines, fill the picture with colors from her weird imagination. You’d see blue elephants, red fields, and orange oceans. As she grows up people start molding her. They will want the child to color within the lines and see things the way they are – elephants are supposed to be grey, fields: green and oceans: blue.

But what if I tell you that you can be an adult and still have a blue elephant? Well, that’s what he is to me. My very own Blue Elephant.

So do us a favor and stop bugging us with this question.

His best friend.

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