13 Things Unchecked

Growing up has its own perks. You realize that you can be this strong independent person, manage your bills, sort out your investments, audit your taxes etc.

Sometimes in the middle of all that you look at yourself and realize “Woah, I have actually changed”. And, suddenly you are totally fine with it.

A lot of things change as you evolve into a better or not so better human being. Isn’t change the only constant thing?

Here are a few things that I really liked back then but ended up having an aversion towards it in the recent times. If we are on the same page, do let me know in the comments section below.


1. Guys with earrings


2. Crazy bike rides


3. Being busy all the time


4. Not planning


5. Being irresponsible


6. Getting wasted

giphy (1).gif

7. People wanting to do things for me


8. Late night phone conversations


9. Early morning dates


10. Waking up to long texts about how much he loves me


11. Contradicting people


12. Night outs

giphy (2).gif

13. Dressing up for Parties


This is just a gist of the things that I have unchecked from my list. Let me know what have you unchecked on your list.

4 thoughts on “13 Things Unchecked

Add yours

  1. Aversion towards
    – eating late night
    – Having short haircuts
    – Being a crazy fan of movie heroes
    – WWE
    – wearing branded stuffs
    – Non acceptance
    – saying No always


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