Chaotically Beautiful

Just Chennai Things!

The sun rays sweep over her face reflecting the 100 feet glass plane of what must be a million dollar company. Crawled like a baby in the womb is her on the bed made of red bricks. She turns around to avoid the early morning sun, only to tumble the leftovers from the day before.

The glimmering sun has lit up the whole place.


It is something that I see every other day, I get into my bike plug in my earphones and drape layers and layers of clothing over my face, until it looks like a zombie’s head. I then wear my coolers, which by the way is the first thing that I got for myself from my salary, put on my helmet and start.

As the soothing music from Indira fills my ears, the city unfolds right before my eyes.

I cut across the signal to the left…

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