Emptiness it is

Scene 1: Varun is 9 years old

What do you want to become when you grow up?

Kid 1: Teacher. I want to be able to teach the kids everything that I have learned.

Teacher: That’s very sweet, my child.

Kid 2: I want to become a doctor. Every time someone is not well, I can cure them with an injection.

Teacher: You surely will become one.

Kid 3 is busy chit chatting with the boy sitting next to him

Teacher: Here, Stand up! Silence! What do you want to become?

Kid 3 stands up and looks at the teacher innocently.

Kid 3 (Varun): I want to become a hero. We went to a movie yesterday and every time he came on the screen, the crowd cheered. I want that.

Teacher: What? You cannot become an actor. No one from our school has become one. You need to do something with your life.

Kid 3: But, no one cheers when they see a doctor or a teacher.

*Whole class laughs*

Teacher: I want to meet your parents tomorrow.

Scene 2:  Varun is 13 years old

Varun: Mom, I want to become a drummer!

Mom: No.

Varun: Please, I will quit my Hindi classes. It is of no use to me. You can invest that on my Drum’s class.

Mom: Are you crazy? Hindi will take you to places. What will you do after learning drums? Musicians today don’t go anywhere.

Scene 3:  Varun is 17 years old

Dad: What is that form?

Varun: Appa, I have applied for Viscom in Loyola. I think I will get it. It is a great college. I really think I can learn a lot.

Dad: Camera va thukitu road – road ah sutha poriya? (Are you going to go roam on the streets with your camera?)

Varun: But, I will learn a lot.

Dad: Stop it, Varun! Do B.Sc Mathematics or Physics! Viscom will not take you anywhere.

Varun: Appa, but I almost flunked mathematics.

Dad: Okay, Engineering then!

Scene 4:  Varun is 25 years old

Varun: Bro, I get this void feeling da. Like I really don’t know what I am doing with life.

Everybody: Maybe you should try a new hobby. A musical instrument, theatre classes, doodling or maybe photography!

One from the Everyone: Yeah, Photography is a great business as well. Maybe you should try that!


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  1. That’s how the world is. We are not allowed to try out our Interest areas. Only if those Interests have some demand in market it is accepted and acknowledged by everyone.
    Sad but truth.

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