Emptiness it is

Scene 1: Varun is 9 years old

What do you want to become when you grow up?

Kid 1: Teacher. I want to be able to teach the kids everything that I have learned.

Teacher: That’s very sweet, my child.

Kid 2: I want to become a doctor. Every time someone is not well, I can cure them with an injection.

Teacher: You surely will become one.

Kid 3 is busy chit chatting with the boy sitting next to him

Teacher: Here, Stand up! Silence! What do you want to become?

Kid 3 stands up and looks at the teacher innocently.

Kid 3 (Varun): I want to become a hero. We went to a movie yesterday and every time he came on the screen, the crowd cheered. I want that.

Teacher: What? You cannot become an actor. No one from our school has become one. You need to do something with your life.

Kid 3: But, no one cheers when they see a doctor or a teacher.

*Whole class laughs*

Teacher: I want to meet your parents tomorrow.

Scene 2:  Varun is 13 years old

Varun: Mom, I want to become a drummer!

Mom: No.

Varun: Please, I will quit my Hindi classes. It is of no use to me. You can invest that on my Drum’s class.

Mom: Are you crazy? Hindi will take you to places. What will you do after learning drums? Musicians today don’t go anywhere.

Scene 3:  Varun is 17 years old

Dad: What is that form?

Varun: Appa, I have applied for Viscom in Loyola. I think I will get it. It is a great college. I really think I can learn a lot.

Dad: Camera va thukitu road – road ah sutha poriya? (Are you going to go roam on the streets with your camera?)

Varun: But, I will learn a lot.

Dad: Stop it, Varun! Do B.Sc Mathematics or Physics! Viscom will not take you anywhere.

Varun: Appa, but I almost flunked mathematics.

Dad: Okay, Engineering then!

Scene 4:  Varun is 25 years old

Varun: Bro, I get this void feeling da. Like I really don’t know what I am doing with life.

Everybody: Maybe you should try a new hobby. A musical instrument, theatre classes, doodling or maybe photography!

One from the Everyone: Yeah, Photography is a great business as well. Maybe you should try that!



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