As Strong and Cold as an Iceberg

She walked slowly by the rain-kissed sidewalks, lit brightly by the neon lights of shops, bars, and restaurants. Rains in Chennai were her favorite, she jumped every puddle balancing her extremely large bag in one hand and her laptop in another. With every step, a light would go off or a baffling sound of the shutters going down would reach her ears.

It was a night where she could be anything. But, the eerie of darkness besieged her. Slowly, even the silhouettes were gone. The encroaching darkness engulfed them in a single pounce. At the end of the day, the moonless sky stood tall and high, like nothing but a blanket of obscurity.

She was no longer the early morning warm sunshine. She was the hurricane that took everything with it. As much as she hated it, she did not have a choice. The little drops of rain did not matter to her anymore. With every flimsy grip, she tried to push her arsenal even higher.

She hoped for a better life, a vibrant future and a stronger life. She longed for the time when she could wake up to the sound of chirping birds and chattering leaves not having to worry about anything. Counting on the stars, for her clouds to drift by, she held back every tear, every misery, and every burn. Not every day you come across someone who wants to break but does not have the privilege to. She was one.

In a night where she could be anything, she chose to be as strong and cold as an iceberg. Because she was not a helpless princess. She was the commander in chief. When her crown slips, her kingdom crumbles, just like how when an iceberg melts, it takes everything with it.

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  1. I really like your choice of feature pictures, it clearly depicts the content: lopsided iceberg shows the depth of her buried emotions over the period of time, the grey canvas of sky w/o a light source shows that she is the commander in chief. I hope someday, a light emerges atop and her shadows fade away. Rain is fun…

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