Suddenly, all her songs were about him.

Together they were about to begin the first chapter of their life, a chapter that no one has read before, a chapter that I know would grow to be more and more beautiful with every moving day.
The rains were hitting the ground as loud as it can. Cuddled in my warm blanket, I was busy doing my most favorite thing – Sleep. What could possibly alarm you on such a beautiful evening? Well, a phone call from her.

“I am going to get married”, she said as calmly as possible. I am not exaggerating, but for almost a minute, my whole body went numb. I was deep asleep when my best friend was busy taking a major life decision. My panic level shot from 0 to 10. I wanted to know everything about him. From his interest in the guitar to his favourite food to his rainy day destination, all of it. It came as a shock to me when she replied saying, “I don’t know”.

bridesmaid (92) copy
For starters, it was a typical boy meets girl – girl meets boy. Girl’s family meets the boy’s family – Boy’s family meets the girl’s family wedding. The arranged marriage kind. I had to understand this new human and like him because he is going to be my best friend’s husband. I will be planning future dinners, parties, trips with him and I had no clue who he was. But, she seemed happy and calm, which gave me the courage that things will be fine. There was a symphony in her voice that I have never heard before.

bridesmaid (46) copy
As soon as I regained my calm, it hit me. I was going to be the bridesmaid. We have been planning our weddings for so long that I exactly knew what songs to play for her sangeet, which photographer to choose, where to find the perfect makeup artist etc. Every detail was planned already.

bridesmaid (95)
As her bridesmaid, I had one job, to make sure that every wish of hers was fulfilled. I wanted her to have this perfect wedding that she had always wanted. And, when something went out of the line I would freak. Because it was extremely important to me that she got all that she had longed for.

bridesmaid (77) copy
On one such situation, she hugged me and said, “It’s fine. It is okay if it doesn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I am happy with him and none of this matters to me. He makes me happy and I think that is what matters”. It was a shock and a surprise at the same time to see that she was handling things with so much grace. The girl who got hangry, the girl who used to have cream on her nose while drinking coffee, has turned out to be a very strong independent woman.

bridesmaid (56)
That was the day, I accepted him in my life. I knew they would be happy forever. She gave me the confidence that she would manage whatever came her way. She would slay her dragons herself and I no longer had to guard her. And, most importantly they would be there for each other.
I am finally glad that she has found someone who loves her as much as I do.


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