[Sponsored Post] 10 Places to Visit on Independence Day With Your Friends

Every year on the 15th of August, India celebrates its Independence Day. This day remains a remarkable day on the calendar as India regained its freedom from the British rule after years of slavery and struggle. India celebrates it to commemorate the bravery of all those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country, selflessly.

Thus, this day is of great significance to all of us. It is a day of reminiscing all those who decided to fight for our country’s independence. The martyrs stood on the brink of life and death to bring peace to the country. Therefore, this day is like a grand sceptre, the moment of celebrating their valour and fortitude.

So, on 15th August 2017, as we celebrate India’s 71st year of independence, let’s not treat this as a day-off and sit back at home. Why not head to some of the places with our friends where we can actually celebrate the day in the true essence of independence? Head to the spots marked for the independence struggle and honour the soldiers in the true-blue spirit.

Here are 10 best places to visit on this INDEPENDENCE DAY with your friends


The iconic monument of the capital city- Delhi is a must visit. This place is usually a magnet for tourists and visitors from all around the world. The occasion is marked by the magnitudinous parades, the flag hoisting ceremony and the Prime Minister’s speech addressing the nation.

It continues to be a grand tradition and is telecasted widely across the country. One can visit this place with their friends and closely observe the prime minister’s speech highlighting India’s achievements and sing along the patriotic songs with the whole country. Although, you’ll have to break your daily schedule and reach the Red Fort by 6 in the morning to witness the grand spectacle that will last until noon.

What to do next?

The celebrations will last until noon. Post that, you’ll still have the option to visit the nearby places and make the most of your Independence Day celebrations. Chandni Chowk, Darya Ganj are in the vicinity- meaning you can visit famous sites like Buland Darwaza, Sis Ganj Gurudwara, or can even go shopping in the lanes of old Delhi, with sassy street food to quell your hunger. You can also, plan a hang out with your friends in and around the tiny, overcrowded streets of Chandni Chowk using nearbuy coupon code to make your day even better. Finally, if you plan to return home, there is always an option to let your inner kid enjoy flying kites on the day when the city sky is filled with thousands of those. Kai Po Che!!


We are aware of the deadly massacre that took place in the Jallianwala Bagh, the atrocities caused and the sacrifice of thousands of innocent lives. This place still manages to evoke a pity with those who visit.

The site is a national memorial spot and still has relics of the horrendous massacre with bullet-marks on the walls. It may bring back all those memories and make one literally visualise the scene. It is a place that is a must visit if you are in Amritsar to reconnect with the heart-wrenching incident and learn about each and every detail along with your friends.


A monument is a place of special attraction in the capital city on Independence Day.  The historic monument is marked for the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti ’- the flame of the immortal soldiers burns as a shrine of those soldiers.

Thousands gather here in the morning and evening to honour the martyrs. It is a visual treat with tricolour kites flying, the gate is well lit. One can pick up souvenirs. It is spread with a variety of food stalls and other attractions. You can parade around the streets to render your support with the flags.


This heritage spot located in Kolkata is one of the popular attractions on Independence Day. NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, the leader who had an active role during the national movement and freedom struggle has his residence in Kolkata. The house showcases his struggle in time and is a must visit. What better day than that of independence to pay a tribute and know more about his struggles.


The Jhansi Fort is synonymous to the great revolt of 1857. It holds a valuable place in the pages of history and will continue to do so. This place remains an attraction as it is known for the queen of Jhansi – RANI LAXMI BAI.

The woman who fought in the disguise of a man with extreme valour is an idol for all women who are underestimated and considered inferior to men. She is an icon and her statue stands tall in the city and boasts about the great martyr. Jhansi Fort is her residence and Independence is celebrated in all its glory with citizens marching, hoisting flags and merry making, with full pride and gusto.


The cellular jail still holds afresh the grim memories of all the independence struggle. It arouses patriotic sentiments as it a symbol of darkness and suffering. All those who revolted were imprisoned and not let to step out of the pitch-dark confinement. The jail has crossed a century and has been converted to a pilgrim destination.

It is situated in Port Blaire, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and gives a glimpse of the atrocities of the brave prisoners. Independence Day celebration here is a hallmark of regeneration of hope, that there would always come a day without darkness. With the light and sound shows that take place, we are shown the experiences of the prisoners and it rejoices in the most unique way possible. It is a must visit.


Situated on the bank of Sabarmati River, this ashram was a home to the father of the nation who fought with full determination and dedication. Mahatma Gandhi, the trailblazer, who instilled in us the power to fight and revolt. This man has been the primary reason for our independence and liberation from the British rule.

The ashram has preserved the dreams and is waiting for our generation to take inspiration from. It holds the values of Gandhi and is sure to evoke patriotic sentiments. If you’re willing to contribute to your country and leave a mark, you have to visit the ashram, inspire yourself, and invoke nation love and work for a better nation along with your friends. Along with this, the commemorations take place with great revelry, idolising the deeds of this man.

What to do next?

Post your patriotic tribute at the ashram, there are still various sites to head out to in the city. You can enjoy rafting at the Sabarmati River Front, or even the Jama Mosque, after all, what better day to embrace the ‘secular’ inside you?


The border road is the road between India and Pakistan. The commemorations take place on a grand scale here. With parades, sword fighting, cultural dances, marches and a lot more takes place here. It exhibits independence is the true spirit and the flag lowering ceremony, which is a daily military practice takes place with the great pomp and show.


This place houses the memorial of MAHATMA GANDHI, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI and is also known as Vijay Ghat. It is surrounded by a lush green park. The place is a beautiful and tranquil attraction of Delhi.  It is the best place to pay tribute to Gandhi Ji as it holds a black platform that marks the cremation of the Mahatma. Head towards Rajghat with our friends and relatives and let this place make you realize the greatness and eternity of the brave deeds of the fighters.


The site is known for the Indian soldier- Mangal Pandey. This was the place where the martyr was hanged. The commemoration reads the essence of his sacrifice he made for the country. It should be visited for the courageous soldier and the beautiful surrounding. It is well lit on the day of independence and celebrations are extraordinary.

The torment that our soldiers faced may have faded with time but these places still hold the relics of the gallantry of our soldiers. They still shine with glory and galore in our hearts. So, let’s dedicate this day to them and rejoice with pride for all those brave soldiers.

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