If your mind ever wrote to you.

There is always an unspoken war between your heart and your mind. Your mind would tell you to go by the practicality while your heart would beg you to follow the things you love. When in a trance whether to follow the heart or the brain, gut feeling comes in. Here is what your mind would write to you in one such situation.

Honey bunch,

There are a lot of things that I want to tell you, but you know what I wouldn’t. Because if I do, you’d believe it to be so. You wouldn’t think and do what you’d do otherwise. 

What am I to do? Let you break your heart and help you become a little more wiser or tell you well in advance that you’d shut everyone out of your life. But aren’t you a believer of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Should I tell you what people might talk about you if you’d do something that is not socially acceptable or let you take your chances?

It was sure beautiful when you believed everything and everybody believed in your choices. But what do you want me to tell you now? That you’re confused? Or that you are doing everything in a hustle? I can’t because self doubt is the last thing that you need now. I am in your head all the time, I see all the information that comes in and goes out. I see the battle that your heart goes through. How can I ask you to follow me?

You’re a mess and you can see it yourself. I don’t have to constantly remind you of that. The way I see it, you very well know what and who you are.

Every night I see you break into the galaxy and scatter into a thousand pieces or more. I see you fill the sky and glimmer between the shades of violet and blue. The world sees you for the sparkle you create while I know that your luminous sphere of plasma is not just that “luminous” but is a fiery hot ball of fire.

You were someone who used to be amazed by palm trees and oceans. You were the girl who carried her book everywhere. The one who used to doodle her heart on her sleeve. Where is that girl who used to feel happy even for the simplest of things? You wake up emotionally and physically drained. You give up even before you try. You don’t take chances any more. You have stopped doing mistakes and therefore you have stopped learning. Everything scares you. Everybody scares you.

Your heart tells me that you are frightened. Most of the time by you and sometimes by others. Poor soul, that’s too much for a organ to take. Things are going a little hay way and that’s why I decided to give you a piece of my mind. Technically, your mind.

You can’t please everyone in this world. If you’re happy, go for it. If you are not, you know how to be happy. It’s okay if things don’t go the way you planned. It’s okay to make a mistake even at 24. It’s okay to fall, chances are you might learn to fly. And, finally chin up my believer – what is meant to be yours will find its way.

Back to storing information,


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