A letter to the friends of a girl who cares too much


How are you today? How is life treating you? And, hey how is that friend of yours? That friend who you think has no time for you. The one who is always very busy. I just can’t remember her name. What is it?

Yes, her. Did she cancel another meeting? Damn, too bad man. Did you ask her why? Where was she held up? No? Why? Because she gives you the same old excuses?

Hmmm.. Can I ask you something? How long have you been friends?

Ouch.. That’s quite some time. It’s a pity that you guys were together so long and you still don’t understand her. Don’t you know that she is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve? The one who makes friends really easy and wants to be there for everyone. She loves each of them differently and has a problem when it comes to choosing. Don’t you realize that she is a cornucopia of love and is designed that way?

Don’t you know that no matter how many friends she has, you hold a special and incomparable place in her heart. Do you doubt that?

She sure might love someone more than she loves you. But, how can you compare? I mean doesn’t she give you all the love that you need. She yearns for different people at different degrees and maybe you should just leave it that way. She loves you and you are special to her. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that what you need?

Isn’t she always there when you need her? Hasn’t she made sure that you are okay every time you had a fallout? Maybe today, someone somewhere needs her more than you do. Maybe a cup of coffee with you weighs a little less when compared to what her other friend is going through.

Aren’t you among the first few who gets to know anything new that’s happening in her life? Wasn’t she the one who jumped with joy when you got your dream job at Alaska and later wept like a kid because you had to leave.

Maybe she missed a few Skype calls, a few sleepovers, and a few house parties. But, isn’t she the same girl who stood by your side when you made a mistake, covered up for you when you had to go and got you icecream tubs when you were upset?

Do you still think you are not her priority? Well if you do, I think it’s your problem and not hers because regardless of what you think and what you do, she’d love you the same way.


The girl who got tired of explaining herself.

3 thoughts on “A letter to the friends of a girl who cares too much

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  1. Quite touching reminds me if my bestie. Know him since I was 6 it’s been two decades now till the first person we share our success with is each other. We might not be able to talk to each other even once a month at times being half way around the world to each other yet it’s our bond that folds us together


  2. I had just read my life and I’m the girl who loves and cares a lil too much and I’m the girl tired of explaining myself.. lovely blog..


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