You Cannot be his “Choice”

Are you happy about the fact that he chose you over another girl? Don’t be. That’s the worst thing he has done to you. Life is not a race, to be happy that you won. In fact, the loss is yours.  He actually put you in a position where he had to choose, think about it.

There you are in the middle of nowhere, looking at your phone, eyes fixed, waiting and your heart shrinks with every beep, every text that you get. You know the answer could be anything. It could be you or her. As the uncertainty engulfs you, your stomach tightens…

You remember how people warned you about things and despite everything you pinned your hopes on him. You broke the barriers and still did everything that was to be done to save what was long lost – the thing that you call a “relationship”. Do you deserve this?

The love that you once had was sure incredible. I am not denying that. But, where is it now? Lost? Dead? Stolen? Shouldn’t it have been saved and savored by both of you? Or is it okay if a third person gets a taste of it? Shed some light I am confused here. Can you share with someone the one thing that only you must have? Is that fine?

“But, he chose me!”

No, he did not. He put you on a comparative scale. He weighed the pros and cons. Maybe somewhere he still had feelings for you, but you cannot deny the fact that he had feelings for her as well. Are you cool with being compared? Because I don’t think any woman with the right amount of self-esteem and self-respect would be okay with that.

The problem is you’re too easy. You would answer him whenever he calls. You would go out of the way to help him. You wouldn’t bother him with your stuff. You will slay his dragons. And worst of all, you will give him the confidence that he owns you. That is where things get fucked up.

“So, what next, should I break up with him?”

That’s for you to decide. But either way, it will slice your heart into two. If your answer is yes – you would miss him for some time, you will miss his face, his cuddles, his words, the way he handles things, his love, his lust, his everything. But soon, you will realize that you don’t miss him but you miss your perception of him.

If your answer is no – well, you will have to come to terms with the most irrational thing. You will have to find logic in his actions, keep losing knowing that you can do better. Finally, you will have to chew on your pride and live knowing that there was someone.

If you ask me, you are worth a lot more than you think you are. Somewhere, sometime, you will realize how beautiful you are from within. If you want to chain yourself to the pole, go ahead. But the fuss is just not worth it. He did not win you by choosing you, he has promised you a lifetime of misery by doing so. You are stronger than what you think and don’t let others make you believe otherwise.


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    In a relationship there is no scale, its just binary. You either be loved or hated, there is no middle ground. Middle grounders are con artists, flee away from them for your good. I would say choice is a luxury. Love , compassion ain’t a luxury; they are our vitals “)

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