9 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Co-worker

Deciding your life by swiping right or left can often leave you bewildered and thus get you thinking, “Why can I not date a co-worker?”

Having a crush at your workplace is fine, but the moment it crosses that line you should know what you are signing up for.

Sure, when you spend 60 to 70 percent of your time at work, dating your co-worker might look all dazzling. But here are 9 reasons why that’s an outright bad idea.

1. Flirting – Unacceptable.

What did you just tell her?


2. What about the new sexy co-worker?

There is always one.


3. He is here, there and everywhere.

Yes. Everywhere.


4. It gets boring after some time.

What did you expect?


5. You will have to keep it a secret because of your work rules, which means NO PDA.


6. You get promoted, or he does.

And suddenly he/she is your boss.


7. Inquisitive co-workers.

They will want to know all of it.


8. Break-ups are harsher.

And so say hi to the endless drama.


9. Spreadsheets to bedsheets.

Are you ready for that?


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