Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma

“Unaku Rohini eh pudikalana, enna pudikalana”

By then, I was sitting at the edge of my seat, eyes welled up holding back the tears. Varun Chakarapani is hope. The guy who crosses 7 seas and 7 mountains in search of the girl he loves is hope.

I am the kind of person who prefers watching the movie on the first day because I can’t stand spoilers. I have been eagerly waiting for the release of Kaatru Veliyidai from the time it was rumored to be called as Kurudi Pookal. But then, unfortunately, I had to leave Chennai and was back only yesterday night. 4 days I had to save myself from preying reviews of how slow the movie is and how Mani sir should not be allowed to make movies anymore.

For all those of you, what more do you want? The movie has everything. It couldn’t have been any better. Because VC is the man we see every day. Varun is the self-centered, self-serving, ego-maniacal boyfriend/husband/dad you have/had. He is the one who blurts words before everyone and later apologizes. He is the one you hope/hoped would change someday.

And, you. You are Leela. The girl who fights hard to be treated an equal. The one who demands respect. The one who is independent and hopes things would change, that he would change. The one who would love whatsoever.

If you hate it, it is because your Varun didn’t change. It is because it rubs your life in front of your eyes. Kaatru Veliyidai is not a complicated film, it is an everyday story. It is not another Alaipayudey or O Kadal Kanmani or Kanathil Muthamital. It is Kaatru Veliyidai – one of its kind. Comparing it with other movies is your mistake, not the director’s.

Men are born to hunt and women are supposed to look beautiful and have kids, a sexist remark by VC. Yes, he is heinous and inconsiderate and I am not justifying him. Why can’t he be that way? Why does it always have to be the story of a kind-hearted, ever loving guy? Have all the woman in the world stopped falling for such guys? Again, Varun is not Karthick or Adhi. He might not be the perfect boyfriend material, not the boyfriend who would always say the things that you want to hear. He is the one who would freak out if he got you pregnant, the one who has insecurities, the one who would forget important dates. He is the boy your friends would hate and it is okay.

Thuli Kaalam Kaettaen, Thuli Kaathal Kaettaen, Thuli Kaamam Kaettaen Maru Uyrie.

For all those who have complaints about the characterisation kiss your innermost Varun-Leela instincts and you will see the beauty of the story. The movie is not a magic, it is a hope for magic.

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  1. I watched the movie and understood little. The movie is about change, love, nation, etc. He was a Playboy you can say. He fell in love, gone through change in separation. Did what it takes for love and nation.

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  2. i really adore the movie. your review is the one which was itching my mind and i was advocating mani sir and his clairvoyant genius kaatru veliyidai movie from the release. atleast i feel good to hear a same review form a person like you which i was thinking after watching the movie.
    even if alaipayuthe or iruvar or guru movie is released today, people will say it is boring.
    future will speak about mani and his astute.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I read this somewhere – if you need to please everyone all you can do is sell ice candies. Even if Mani sir were to sell ice candies, he would be blamed for the flavour. Such is the world.


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