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After years and years of pondering, reconstructing and revising, I have finally come to terms with myself, that I am really ready to do this. My question is would you read further? My very first take on contemporary romance fiction. (Please do drop in your suggestions by mail or message). Presenting to you the first 300 words.


He stood there transfixed, looking at the other side of the road as the trains cut across in both directions. Turmoil engulfed him as he thought of her. She was supposed to be back home by now. She always did, no matter what.

He called her for the nth time, only to hear her caller tune sing “a thousand miles seems pretty far, but they’ve got planes and trains and cars. I’d walk to you if I had no other way” and then route to voice mail. Of all the things he had said to her before, this was by far the worst. He wouldn’t forgive himself for his harsh words, even if they were to trade places. But, selfishly he wished she would. He knew that she was aware of the fact that he would take back everything, everything that he said if given a chance. Because he loved her. He loved her more than his infinity and she a little more.

Pangs of regret, worry, and distress accompanied him as the boom barrier raised, releasing the traffic on the either side. His eyes searched every cab, auto and bus that passed by, hoping desperately she would be in one.

He started the car, looking at each side of the road, half wishing and half cursing himself for all that he had to go through now, for not thinking twice before he spoke. A feeling of pain and endless emptiness was slowly starting to brew. He knew he was to blame, if .. if anything happened to her. He did not want to even think about anything happening to her. It was too much for him to lose and a lot more to take.

As he mulled over the last words that he had said to her, his phone rang…

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  1. I am not a fan of romance fiction at all. But I could overlook that to tell you how i like your sentences.! Nice work.


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