Why do the wrong ones seem so right?

Barney over Ted.
Joey over Chandler.
Damon over Stefan.
Klaus over Elijah.
John over Carlos.

A recent conversation with a very old friend got me thinking about this. Why do we always fall for the wrong ones? What is so exciting about them that we are ready to overlook most of the trivial things in life?

Because that’s what attracts women. Being recluse. Being spontaneous. Being amiss. Being everything out of ordinary. Plus, being an asshole would also help.

Sure the ones listed on the left have great characters (they are all my personal favorites). But, the ones on the right are even better. They are the ones who would open car doors for you, kiss you on the forehead when you had a rough day. These are the ones who would treat your family like theirs, talk your brother out of the things that he is about to mess up, makes sure you meet your friends often. They are the ones who would cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

But, all that said. We still walk, run, jog and fall with our eyes wide open for the guys who do not deserve us. Here is why.

They are more in number. So much, that it gets you thinking “Where are the good ones?”


They say the things you want to hear. Be it a compliment or a drama, they manipulate you so much that you yearn for the words that comes out of their mouth.


As much as you deny it. Woman find the wrong ones a lot sexier than the right ones.


They give you the right amount of everything. Be it love, ignorance or hate. They give you the right dose.


They can pull conversations out of thin air. Yes, they have by hearted their scripts a little too well than you think.


Because nice is boring. Why would choose “cuddle and sleep in the warm bed”, when you can climb mountains, get scratched and sleep beneath the trees on a brutally cold night. Right?


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