Every girl needs a “Joey” as a friend. Here is why ..

Somewhere between waiting for our Hogwarts letter and wanting to have a life like  F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we all grew up. The first time I watched the series, I was going all ga-ga over the love Chandler had for Monica and how Ross-Rachel were the lobster couple. The second time, I watched the series, it struck me really hard that “Joey” was the best. From friendship goals to dating tips, this guy has given us (girls) everything.

Here is a reason why every girl needs a friend like Joey.

1. He encourages Rachel to go after Ross.


2. He stood for Rachel when Mr. Tregger made her cry


3. He was ready to pee on Monica’s leg when she was stung by the jelly fish


4. He got all the dead Christmas trees for Phoebe because she was sad that they were going to the chipper


5. He offered to be a donor when Monica desperately wanted to have kids (after she broke up with Richard)


6. He quit eating meat when Phoebe when she was pregnant with the triplets (to balance out the cows)


7. He found about Monica and Chandler and still kept it a secret


8. He took the blame when Rachel found Chandler’s underpants in her apartment


9. He refused to watch the porn movie in which Phoebe (actually Ursula) acted


10. He broke up with Janine because she calls Monica was loud and Chandler was blah.


11. He kissed Phoebe when she cribbed about not having a perfect kiss with someone who cared about her.


12. He thought Phoebe was pregnant (while she was covering for Rachel) and proposed her because she didn’t have to raise the baby all by herself.


13. And then, he proposed Rachel when he found out that she was pregnant.


14. He lets Rachel go after Ross again. This time knowing that she is the love of his life.



2 thoughts on “Every girl needs a “Joey” as a friend. Here is why ..

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  1. I am not a big fan of FRIENDS but, I have watched all the episodes. Only besties were Chandler and Joey. Chandler bought new appartmen which had a Joey room! Passionate lover Ross, same time he had multiple divorce as well. He believed in love and he refused Rachel’s sister for her. Phoebe is a crazy character, don’t care of world. I see something common between me and Rachel she left her home because she had to do something so do I. Monika I never liked her, there is a limit.


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