Sorry, I couldn’t.
Sorry, I did not notice.
Sorry, I broke your heart.
Sorry, I yelled at you.
Sorry, I had to leave.
Sorry, I let you down.
Sorry, I messed up.

Sorry, Sorry and Sorry. How easy it is to say a sorry and move on. Sorry has become that five letter word that gets tagged along with every mistake you do. Sorry I did this, Sorry I did that.

What value does the word have when the one who has spoken it does not mean it. The next time you use the word “Sorry” as an escape phrase, think about the uncertainty that you left floating around his/her little head, taunting them asking questions of all sorts. Think about the time you were in the receiving end.


I am sorry, but you cannot treat sorry as a service. You need to understand that you really cannot win over every thing with just this one word. Sometimes, you have to work hard and own for your mistakes. And, sometimes you have to keep walking and climbing, no matter how slow you think you are going, you just have too. Because, that is how it works.

Good things take time. Beautiful things take even longer. Embrace what you love and first things first, fix it. Remember that an apology means nothing if you keep doing the same thing that you are sorry for.