10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India

I have been planning on this post for a very long time but now with Trump being elected as the president, I can’t think of a better reason to post this.  I am sure his vision to ensure open job opportunities for the US citizens first has put a big inverted curve on the faces of many Indians. Why? because from now on its going to be a little difficult for you to find an America mapla (groom) or boast about your paethi (granddaughter) not being able to communicate in Tamil.

Well, this is for my fellow friends who are working hard enough to get their H-1B visa – I must admit that I am really sorry that the visa process might become a little more stringent than before. I am sorry that you have to put up with this country a little longer. I am sorry about all the  uncertainty this election has brought into your life. *Pun intended*

On the flip side, there are people like me, who’ve never even in their worst dreams wanted to leave India.

For the love of my country, here are ten reasons why I don’t crave for the American dream.

10. Because rickety – rocky roads just don’t bother us.


9. Pani puri is just Rs 10/- per plate. And, yes it is available all the time.


8. Watching Rajinikanth First day First Show is never the same.


7. There is something *sensational* happening all the time.


6. You don’t have to save money the entire year to go on a vacation.


5. Weddings and festivals happen all the time.


4. You don’t have to get appointments to meet your parents. You can be 30 and still a spoilt brat.


3. There is nothing like watching the world cup with a totally random crowd.


2. Home is always home.


1. The goosebumps while hearing our National Anthem.


It doesn’t mean that all those who leave India are to blame and unpatriotic. It is just that our priorities are different and we need different things in life.

Well, wherever you are, remember this – No matter how much you try to do in life, you will always miss out on something or the other. Therefore, try to enjoy what you have right here, right now, for this is all you have.

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India

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  1. quite nicely said…… you can see all beauties in this world as a full pack in India itself… it has all types of lands, cultures and its own unity in diversity …Proud to be an Indian….


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