Cheap Thrills and You

It is approximately 8 in the morning. She boards the crowded bus and he pushes himself on her. She is 45.

She is in her class, her lecturer brushes his hands over her shoulders as he collects the assignment from the girl behind her. She is 19.

It is 3 P.M. She is riding her scooter and a stranger riding in the opposite direction gropes her breast. She is 23.

She is at her office cafeteria, an unknown colleague seated in the extreme left corner is mentally molesting her. She is 32.

It is 12 in the noon. He hands over a candy bar and kisses her. She is 7.

She rushes down the crowded street because she is late to work. And, a guy spanks her on her butt. She is 29.

It is 7 in the evening, her dermatologist asks her to remove all the clothes to check a rash in her leg. She is 53.

She is walking back home after a rough day. A group of guys in the corner of the street pass random comments at her. She is 16.

It is 2 p.m. She is tired and sweaty, the guy nest to her is having an immediate erection. She is 25.

Grabbing, groping, touching, staring and spanking a person just because you might not have a second chance to meet. But, what if you do and what if she remembers?

You have permanently made room for a knife and a pepper spray in our bags. Happy much?

Look at yourself in the mirror and think about this. She is just like you. You have chests and she has breasts. Your boss might have yelled at you today and so might have hers. You would have failed a test at school and so would have she. Things might not have been fine at your place and there are high chances that she is going through the same as well.

Feeling ashamed? Yes, you ought too. For staring at the girl in the shorts, for looking at the girl who had big breasts, for passing comments on a girl just because you can’t have her.

Your one second cheap thrill adds one pound to the misery she is already going through. No girl forgets all this in a second. It keeps playing over and over in her head, throttling her self-esteem, killing her confidence and creating an unspeakable depression. Do you get the feel now? Do you at the least understand what all of this is doing to her.

If so, stop it. I get it, you have needs. All men have their needs. The next time you really feel your need, go watch porn and not the first woman you lay your eyes upon.

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