People. People. People.

“She will never have a problem with making new friends!” was what my friends told about me on the last day of school. Little did they know what the future had in store for me.

If you’re in your twenties, switched multiple jobs and is currently working in a top notch company – this is something you would relate to. People are fake, selfish and cunning. For the next 2 minutes, you are going to listen to my honest rant.

There are many things that come naturally to people and making new friends is something that I can be pompous about. I studied in an all-girls school (no complaints) and my tribe was as insane as me. There was not a single moment of loneliness or outcast that I can recall.

Then collage happened. That was where my really big bubble burst and I was put to a reality check. It was a place where 10 became 3. And, what made it even worse was people had a totally different level of insanity. While my classmates aimed at scoring ranks, I was busy making memories. Luckily (partly unluckily) I found (or I thought) two people who I could call “My Tribe”. Our professors loathed us and our classmates envied us. Our 4 years was a dream of every engineering student.

Work went smooth on me as well. When the whole of my friends’ circle was cribbing about having colleagues, I was lucky to find some really good friends. There was a gang again. Time played its part and I had to switch my career. A few stayed, a many left. For the first time, I felt like a stranger in my own land. I ate alone in haste feeding the preying eyes of those waiting for a chance to judge and humiliate me.

Birthdays were no longer the way it used to be. Big fat parties thinned into nothing more than a table for two, sometimes three. I confined myself to a space that contains a very few handpicked friends who I know would be there by my side no matter what.

I find myself amidst two sets of people – one that wants to be your instant BFF and the other that comes to you only when they need something. Today, when I try and think about making space for some new friends, the social media slaps me on my face with people who ask you for your number the instant you reply to their message.

Why is it so difficult for someone to take time and get to know people? It has been a very long time since I met someone who takes the time to invest in people, someone who is up for long conversations and genuinely waits for the friendship to bloom. In a world full of sharp pointed arrows, all I ask for is a crossbow.

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