Don’t pretend you know what love is when all you got was a heartbreak.

To all the pretty single and tough girls out there who are busy being the warrior you want to be. You’re doing great. But, pause and listen up. A little help wouldn’t do harm!

Off late, I am meeting girls who confuse feminism to being single. And, while being trapped in this state they decide to eliminate men from their life. This is for them.

So, yes, you think you don’t need someone who keeps you up all night. To you rolling  in your bed, hugging your pillow and smiling from ear to ear recalling every crazy thing he said to you that morning is a waste of time. You think the best part about being a lady is  not wanting a man for a comapany. But here is a list of times when you secretly, subconsciously, quietly wished you had someone to lean on.

After a really hard and rugged day at work when your head is all spinning. You wished you had someone who would simply sit and listen as you vent your problems. You wanted someone who would understand you and hold you as you try to sleep.


When you see your fellow companions being pampered all the time. You secretly long for those cute texts (not all the time, though) and the feeling of being loved.


When you have to walk dark tunnel alone. You wish there is light at the end of it. You dream of someone who understands  you when you’re quiet, supports you when you are stressed and helps you fight your battles not because it’s their duty but because they love you.


When it’s a Friday evening and your best friend is held up at work. You yearn for that one person who would love to spend their time with you.


Dear fighter, don’t pretend that you don’t desire for happiness. Don’t pretend like you are not lonely or you don’t want to feel the sense of security. Don’t push the ones who are ready to fight for you just because the previous ones let you burn.

You don’t become a feminist because your relationship did not work the way you wanted. Feminism is about establishing equal rights in the present male chauvinistic society and not fighting this battle in an alternate reality. Additionally, anyone can be a feminist. So pretending to be a feminist just because you’ve had a heartbreak will take you nowhere.

Don’t walk away from love when that’s all you need. So, dear rough girl, you think you are doing great, but someday, somewhere you’d realize your life could have been a lot easier, if only…

You listened to your heart and not your brain…

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