Letter to my BFF’s Spouse

Dear BBF’s Future Love,

Congrats! My BFF is the best thing that has ever happened to you. I know because she is the best thing that could happen in anyone’s life. She is like the blue crayon, that you cannot get enough of, the crayon that colours my vast sky and the deep blue sea.

She is an angel without wings – a one of a kind. As you both are just about to start your life together, there is something that I need to tell you. She is a no-delicate darling, so if you think of her as a crybaby and use that as an excuse for anything in future, boy! she will sure bring the hell down.

chronic overthinker she is and will break her head even for the most faintest of things. Comfort her, tell her that things are going to be okay, that’s the only thing that will calm her down. In case you have made a mistake, apologize, just apologize without a second thought, she is a beautiful soul capable of forgiving.

She fantasizes about every damn thing (although she would deny this the moment you tell her). Pamper her as much as you can, let her know how much she means to you.

She loves the randomest of things. Like late night talks, long drives, getting drenched in the rain, coffee, movies, ice cream, chicken (your would-be saviour). She is blessed soul capable of spreading happiness wherever she goes.

She is a paradox. She will love you and hate you at the same time. She is fragile yet tough, a sociable badass yet a preferred loner. In short, she is predictable yet unpredictable. She can be a sweetie pie or a chaotical mess, it all depends on god knows what. But, she is a beautiful recipe of so many things.

She is the stardust that angels sprinkled on me. She means the world to me. Therefore I want you to know that by marrying her, you are signing up a bond of lifelong torture of not just one but two. I will be your tag along where ever you (both) go.

I will be the one to whom you will have to call  for expert advice. I am going to be your complete guide on handling this huge storm that you have adopted. So, congrats once again. I really like you, I believe that you have everything in you to take care of my precious everything.

She is a simple girl, who has dreams about her knight in shining armor. She has been dreaming about you and her dream wedding for the longest of time. She has huge expectations, which might or might not be fulfilled. But, she no longer cares about all that because she has you.

She loves you. She loves you more than words can tell. She looks at you like you have put the stars in her sky. Love her, love her with all that you have and she will in return, no there is nothing that she can give you in return because she already has..

Take care of my bumble bee.


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