From Fridays to Mondays

It was yet another idle weekend that I got to spend doing nothing but skim through the pages of an old book trying to come up with a plot for my own while randomly surfing the internet for deals. The very fact that the next day is the first working day of the week had eaten up my whole Sunday evening.

Why is it that we wait for the week to end even before it starts? Why do we long for never ending weekends? Is it the work, the boss or have we simply got bored of it all?

I love my job, yet there is something more that I am constantly trying to find. I have seen people who love their job, who are so passionate about their work then there are those who like their job and yet are not totally amazed by it and then there are some who purely loathe their job and are working hard trying to fix their abomination.

How many of us are lucky enough to turn passion into paychecks? As a matter of fact, how many of us know what are passions truly are? It is a question that you will have to answer for yourself.

The truth is most of us dream about being someone and we think that is our passion, lucky for some they might have a little hands-on with it. Thus starts the quest of finding the right kind of job. Passion is something that is hard to find and impossible to measure. To me, it is something that cloaks itself with invisibility and presents only at the time of need.

Passion is something that excites you and it is not necessary for it to have the  same name tag on it all the time. It is something that you crave for, something that tickles your heart, sometimes it is something that you will want to fight for. 

We are materialistic, we need a job that pays us enough to manage all our expenses. We need a job that requires our attention for not more than 8 hours a day. We need a job that is otherwise a learning laboratory. We need a job located pretty close to our place. We need a job that will allow us to munch on its perks. And, in the middle of all these demands, we seek a job which we can be passionate about. Yes, that’s us, think about it.

The unsaid truth is we are all trying to escape the harsh world of reality. We are constantly in search of another reason to cling on to, so that we will have an unblemished reason to fight the former. And, it is only a matter of time before we organize a search party to find yet another unblemished reason to alter the what-we-now-call-passion!

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