Happy Birthday, Harry!

The things that we love have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

J.K Rowling was the reason why I started reading and she continues to be the reason I still do. The best thing today second to Harry and JKR’s birthday is the release of Harry Potter and the cursed child, the nineteen years later story. I almost forgot what it feels like to wait for a book to get released. The last time I had this deja vu was on 21st July 2007. And, I thought I was over all that. That was, until last night.

8 years later, I wake up only to feel the same thing again. The sleeplessness, the adrenaline rush, the excitement, it all came back at once. I felt like a kid. I was there even before the store opened, I couldn’t wait to hold the book, feel the etched letters and fall in love with its aroma.

The Potterheads all over the world have so much of expectations on this book. But, all that I wanted was to get the first time “Harry Potter” reading experience again. I wanted to get lost in the magical world. I wanted to see the characters that taught me so much spring back to life. The book holds so much of magic for those who are willing to see. (detailed review)

So, today as we celebrate the legend’s birthday I would like to flaunt everything that Harry Potter had to offer me. I learned more life lessons from this series than I did from my moral science classes.

So here is a mere gist of it:

  • It comes to our choices towards the end
  • There is nothing stronger than love
  • People are not born evil
  • The power of friendship
  • Obsession can kill
  • Knowledge is a necessity
  • To look past prejudices
  • You can be whatever you want to be if you have the will to be
  • The pain of loss
  • Even the wisest are capable of making mistakes
  • We must face our fears someday and when we do we must be prepared for it
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • You can overcome anything if you have the right set of people around you
  • Not everyone you think as friends are friends
  • The importance of family
  • Believing in yourself
  • Live the moment
  • Death is inevitable
  • You will eventually move on
  • You cannot control everything in life
  • Abomination plots your death
  • Power does not mean everything
  • Everyone has a dark side
  • Age is just a number
  • You are the only one who can define your future
  • We are destined to face our battles and when the time comes we must
  • The magic of new beginnings and in magic itself

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