Crappy night and Confused mind

Along the shore, she stood,
churning the turmoil of the hour.
dotting the should’s and the could’s
and cutting silhouettes of the air

She watched as his thoughts
sliced their icy grips
and coiled armored knots
on her prudent mind, otherwise

She named her nightmares
of lives and time
speak of him not
nor of the stars and the rooftops

Speak not of-
the monster beside her
of her fear, of their love,
and of the voices calling in the night

long calls
with caustic silence
and her abducted vigilance

She watched in distress
as the mettle waves
carried her curse
back and forth

Speak of the ocean
his dreams and his magic
Speak of him
his thoughts

Of stolen moments
prolonged promises
of footprints, of whispers
of him, of her and a gallant forever!

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