Time and Again

While you are running fast to catch whatever it is, I would like to remind you something. The earth still revolves around the sun, 24 hours still make a day and 60 seconds still equals one minute. So, why hustle? What happens to this moment if you’re constantly racing to the next?

We are trapped in a time where an instant reply to a text message is cardinal, sex after a few dates is gallant and work after college is mandatory. Our lives are often marked off by what we do.

We are perpetually torn between the what if’s and what next’s that we fail to realize that life happens only once. When was the last time you appreciated what you have? Long gone are the days, when we stop by something to enjoy it. We are so busy making memories that we forget to live them.

Life is not always about being ambitious and successful. Sometimes it’s all about watching sunsets, drinking coffee, falling in love, going on a long drive, having deep conversations, being crazy, making friends, getting lost, dancing in the rain and falling in love again.

Why does life always have to be systematic?  Why can’t you occasionally break all the barriers that you have built around you and smile for once? Why is it so hard for you to live the life you fantasized all along?

Remember that you are human. Making mistakes, falling apart, re-grouping, feeling jealous and every other thing that you mess up only takes you a step closer to being human.

While you’re busy making a living, keep in mind that you also have a life. Sometimes you really need to play old school. Take time to know people, do something because you want to do it and not because your entire life depends on it. Invest in people rather than in things. Respect and love the people around you and most of all when something breaks mend it, not everything or everyone you meet is beyond repair.

You were not born to work your ass out and pay checks. Lost in between your goals is this thing called life, now that’s something that has to be lived. Life, as it is called is not about covering all the places by dusk, it is about stopping by the woods on a snowy evening.

So, take a break and breathe. What is yours will eventually be yours and what is not will never be yours even if you choose to prey on it.

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