Letter to my Ex-Best Friend

Dear Ex-best friend,

Yes, I called you that!

2 years ago if someone had told us that this would be our future, they would have received a punch on their face. But today, here we are embracing the harsh truth of reality.

Today morning on my way to the office I saw three kids engrossed in a deep conversation, which I couldn’t help eavesdrop. They were crazy, they had the same amount of craziness that we once had.

Then it struck me maybe somewhere we did not take enough efforts to save our friendship. We went to the same college and to the same office. We never wished to be parted. What happened next? Something went a different way. We did not mind balancing things. And, that’s how three became two.

I wish I could say I miss you, but I don’t! Strange that I just said that, but I really don’t. Given that, I sometimes stalk your Facebook profile to see how you’re doing. And, I see you with all your new friends in a far off land and then I realized that it really doesn’t matter to me who you are with anymore. Because you’re not that girl who urged me to bunk classes with you. You are not that trouble maker for whom I would do anything. You are this whole new person now, the one I really don’t know.

You have changed so much, so much that I am really finding it hard to recognize the new person that you have become. Everything inside you has turned into plastic. You have changed so much that you wouldn’t even tell me that you were leaving town.

When was the last time we spoke? I still remember that phase of our lives where we couldn’t go a day without exchanging as much as a pointless text. So much has happened since we last talked and I’ve wanted to tell you about it all, but you’re no longer the person you promised you would be. Sometimes Facebook reminds me of all the fun we once used to have, and that only gets me thinking if all that was true.

Do you even understand how any of this feels? We were supposed to be best friends for eternity, we were supposed to be planning each other’s wedding together. We were supposed to go on a world tour together. We were supposed to torture and haunt people together. We were supposed to be making memories. We were supposed to be an example of “Forever and always“. Instead, you are somewhere and I’m here trying to avoid  people who ask me why things are not like before between us.

It sometimes drives me crazy to know that all these years of our friendship meant nothing to you. All the vows that we took have become nothing but words. I wouldn’t forgive you for that. Not today, not any day. We both had to choose a different path in our lives and I wish mine never intersects yours. Not anymore!

Not hate, not love either,

This blog post was first published in “The Opinion


27 thoughts on “Letter to my Ex-Best Friend

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  1. I hated it as much as I liked it; I found it too difficult to take as I could relate every bit and piece of it my own story.
    Wonderfully written. Cheers 🙂


  2. >>2 years ago if someone had told us that this would be our future, they would have received a punch on their face.
    I still hope this was a fiction and they find back their days 🙂 A broken picture reminds you of the beautiful days, despite the hurdles.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Too late, but if you could have stopped being judgmental for a moment, and called your friend to express what you did here, it might have saved that friendship. The downside is, it would have been a huge insult in case they chose to ignore the call.

    Sometimes, people are so ignorant they forget even the most important things. And most of the times they are too ignorant to be bothered with such things.

    I’m happy you don’t care anymore. Hope it is not i-say-i-donot-care-yet-i-do-somehow-whether-i-like-it-or-not.


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