21 Reasons Why a Girl-Boy Friendship is Awesome!

It’s the 21 century, the era where you can do anything and everything. The idea of flying cars or aqua racers does not amuse us as much as a simple girl-boy friendship. Oh my god, that’s so not plausible, Is it?

Everyone you meet in your life plays an integral part in your story. Some of them go as far as a chapter, some a paragraph and some are the scribbles on the last page of your book. But, then there are these real brave ones that stick with you until the very end, the ones that make sure you are safe, the ones that cover up for you, the ones that let you take the wrong turn so that you would learn. These are the ones that you need. If you have them then you’re good. Can’t the world be at peace with that?

Sometimes it is really queer when you think of the fact that some people actually think that the sex of the other person you’re with has an impact on your friendship. All my life I have had more boys as friends than girls and I have relatively found it easier to be with them than a bunch of girls.

Although, I do have my extremely close set of girlfriends (who are almost like boys) here are the perks of having a male best friend forever.

  • They are a lot less drama (and partly because you get to do all the drama)


  • They give you the best relationship advice (sometimes it’s good to know how men think)


  • You don’t have to wear matching clothes when you go out (Yes, you can totally go out in your tracks)


  • You can have stupid conversations


  • They are always ready to pick you up (no matter what the time is)

giphy (1)

  • They take care of your midnight cravings (Pizza at 3 AM, yes!)


  • They will be your date when you can’t pick one


  • They will always choose you 


  • They know that you’re a pervert (and they don’t give you that weird look)


  • They make the best travel companions


  • You can pick a fight with anyone you want and they will take care of it


  • You get to torture them for the rest of your life


  • They will trust you with their life and their car


  • They will watch all these emotional movies/serials with you (yes, you can ruin their Tees)


  • You get to be their love guru


  • They are your biggest critics

giphy (1)

  • They will let you get wasted and drive you back home safely


  • They will boost your knowledge on cars, sex and drinks


  • They are your parent’s secret agent


  • They are the first ones to come running to you when you feel down


  • They will love you no matter what. No one can understand you the way they do


So, the next time someone tells you that you need to have more girlfriends, ask them to go and get a life!

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