She wandered alone on a forlorn night
By the lonely sea beneath the starry sky.
Like a pearl so bright,
Sparkled the worldly eyes!
And finally in light
Is a tale she truly denied.

One shade more; one shade less
She spoke so much of his nameless grace.
And then dawned his eternal bliss
A decision she lovingly embraced.
A kiss and hug as he raced
To a far and unknown place.

With every passing wave
Was an ache in his chest
And dreams of his lady love
Made him rest.
His love, his passion and a chaos within
A decision made wherein,

She swirled and twirled on a wintry night;
Rejoicing the return of her knight.
Drenched in shock, drenched in joy
She unveiled her grief, oh boy!
Kissing the darkness goodbye
And the ships, ahoy!