The Delusion

She wandered alone on a forlorn night
By the lonely sea beneath the starry sky.
Like a pearl so bright,
Sparkled the worldly eyes!
And finally in light
Is a tale she truly denied.

One shade more; one shade less
She spoke so much of his nameless grace.
And then dawned his eternal bliss
A decision she lovingly embraced.
A kiss and hug as he raced
To a far and unknown place.

With every passing wave
Was an ache in his chest
And dreams of his lady love
Made him rest.
His love, his passion and a chaos within
A decision made wherein,

She swirled and twirled on a wintry night;
Rejoicing the return of her knight.
Drenched in shock, drenched in joy
She unveiled her grief, oh boy!
Kissing the darkness goodbye
And the ships, ahoy!

10 thoughts on “The Delusion

Add yours

  1. ahoy ye ship
    make a li`l haste
    storms abate
    dun wanna b late

    yer comportment
    yer affixation
    God forbid
    dun keep d dawn awaitin

    no refrains, abstract
    though culminates
    these free verses
    love, tend to germinate bad haha
    that was a quicky
    cudnt help it lol
    thot may be an addendum
    churns out free wheelin 3 stanzas instead 😀

    well…hv a gud day


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