The Skeptical Question

The world is encumbered with different types of people. People are encumbered with loads of emotions. People who do soulmates, people who don’t, and then sometimes people like me – the ambiguous ones, the skeptics.

Life was not supposed to be this way, I was supposed to fall hopelessly in love with someone. A love that massively consumed me. A love that certainly was supposed to erupt like a volcano burst into flames and then ember forever. But then no, had that happened, I wouldn’t be writing this blog!

So, is finding a soulmate that difficult?

Being 23 and the eldest daughter is like the most awkward phase of my life. I am often bombarded with questions about getting married or you know about finding the right match. And then, I realized I have actually become one of those people. The kind that gets pinched on their cheeks at weddings by old people who say “You’re next!”

Oh my god! This is actually happening. Well, eventually you give in and the process starts. Next comes the million dollar question, “What kind of a guy do you want to get married to?”.

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t care if he is 6 feet, wheatish or if he has an MBA. These things are momentary. I need someone with whom I can fall in love over and over again. The kind of love that makes you want to write a novel or symphonize about. I want the lasting kind of love. Where even after 40 years of togetherness with 3 kids, when he looks into my eyes and says “I love you”, I know he means it.

I want the one who would respect my family and friends. The one for whom I don’t have to compromise my convictions. I want to marry someone whose voice even if I have heard a million times would still cheer me up.

I want a family that would love and accept me for what I am. The one that trusts me with things.

Marrying someone means I will be listening to how his day was for at least the next  30-35 years, we will be taking at least a 50 trips together. It means I will be selecting my kid’s names along with him. It means he will be my everything until death does us apart!

And, now tell me how do I get a feeling so profound by just looking at his 7×5 picture?

14 thoughts on “The Skeptical Question

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  1. You ask good questions but here is one for you…in order to know what kind of man you want to marry …what kind of person are you?
    You attract what you are ! so know who you are first then you will attract your true love.

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  2. >>The kind that gets pinched on their cheeks at weddings by old people who say “You’re next!”
    I suggest, its time we say back to such Oldies “You’re next!”. Hope they understand 😀 😀


  3. Haha… Really good post… I felt like I was listening to my sister… she’s going through this…20 or 25 year ago people got married so they could get sex.. seems irrelevant and idiotic now… Therefore, so does marriage… It is high time a marriage is called a partnership and not a union…

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