Rise and Shine, Sweetheart!

Another day, another month and another year has fallen and yet nothing has changed. Everybody has a story that they don’t shout out loud. If you know what I mean, hugs my love, this is for you.

You might often feel that fighting for that one person you love the most is the best thing that you could ever do. That, there is something extremely magical about winning them. But, eventually, all that you will feel once you get what you want is abomination, antipathy and animosity. You will realize that there is nothing beautiful about having to constantly convince someone to love you.

So comes the question of moving on. Is it okay to move on?

Yes! Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual or a warranty. What is broken is already broken and there is nothing that you can really do about it. How helpful is it when the person you are trying to fix is apprehensive about being fixed?

Well, yes it is going to be difficult. It will consume every ounce of you and leave you distressed. But how long can you fight a long lost battle in an unknown war field?

You need to stop thinking that one day the world will turn around and everything that you hoped for is going to happen because it’s not. The person who hurt you once is capable of hurting you again. You will have to accept the apology that you never received, hop over the bridge and move on because life is not a fairytale.

An unresolved past never stops haunting you until you mentally revisit its dark chambers and relive every happy, sad and uncertain memory. And, then you must plunge in the courage to accept reality and let go of everything that you cannot have.

Sometimes you will have to let go of people because they have started intoxicating you. Maybe because you have fought so much and you deserve someone who will do the same for you. And, also because if they could give up on you once they could do it again.

Time will heal you. One day, maybe days, months or even years later, you will wake up and realize that life actually is a lot better than your fantasy. But for that to happen there is this most treacherous risk that you might have to take – live life leaving behind what you once wanted. Devour and inhale everything that once consumed you.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

So cheers to the new beginnings!

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