A woman wants what she wants, no matter what comes her way, she will still want, what she wants. But, what she wants is an unsolved mystery. Blame us not because that’s how we are designed.

She actually believes that she is a descendant of Princess Ariel or Princess Aurora and trust me, she grew up fantasizing about being with someone like Prince Eric or Prince Philip. Then she met you and even before her fantactual desires of a princess life hit her, she toppled and fell head over heels in love with you. Her quest for a prince ended there and so did her dreams of a fairy tale forever.

A girl might have a thousand things to say but she will also have a thousand reasons not to. This can be handled easily if you are an extremely skilled hypnotist or black magic specialist but, if you are that lame-normal-boring guy the best thing that you can do is ask.

Now, girls are of two types – Sugar, spice and everything nice and Sarcasm, wine and everything fine. 

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Geeeez! She is that delicate darling who loves you with everything she has. Tides of her love will often encapsulate you, leaving you bewildered. You will be high on romance all the time. She will bewitch you with her unpredictable kisses and unforgettable laughter. She will be the girl you fantasized about.

So, what do you think are the downs of dating her?

She will expect the same from you. She will want to be your 5 AM cuddles, your 12 PM lunch date, your 6 PM giggles and your 9 PM hugs. Very soon you will realize that her tides of love enclose you in crates of possessiveness.

Sarcasm, Wine and Everything Fine

Ahoy! She is the one who will slay your dragon. She will hate small talks. She will be the one who kindles your insecurities and fears. She will enter your storm and love you for what you are. She will be fierce, unapologetic and honest. She will be the one for whom you will steal the blue french horn.

So, what do you think are the downs of dating her?

She will expect the same from you. She will be the bird you cannot cage. She will want honesty and unconditional love. Well, you fell in love with the storm, getting out unscathed is not your choice.

Guys, understanding what your woman wants is very easy. All you need to do is listen. A woman craves for honesty but not too much of it. She needs to know that she matters to you as much as you do to her. She wants to be your only sunshine.

Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus. And, that’s the law of nature, it can be balanced only when they truly understand their differences. Fall in love with the woman who is beautiful inside. The one who is comfortable in her own skin.  Fall in love with her multi-dimensional layers, her dark corners and her unexplored curves.

Meeting your right kind of woman is a once in a life opportunity, seize it. For she is the one who has the strength to turn your world around. So, the next time you meet your girl tell her how much you love her. Hug her from behind and let her know that she is the only ocean worth exploring.

All that a girl wants is your attention, your time and your credit card (when she has exhausted hers)!

A note to the girls:

Girls, whether you like it or not MOST of the guys have an emotional range of a teaspoon, which they call “keeping it simple”. You can read about welcoming it in my blog – To fall in love is easy .