Fate Unread

She moved to the corner on all fours. Startled, annoyed and abused, she felt all of it at the same time. He pinned her hard on the cement floor and looked at her, hungry with lust.
Crumpled and motionless, she lay on the floor soaked in her own blood. She wanted it to end. Her skin burned at his touch. He took some of her with every thrust. She pleaded him to stop but he didn`t budge.

One after the other they went for her. Like wolves, they pounced on her. Her eyes were filled with tears. She had turned cold and numb. She saw her whole world collapse right in front of her. When they were done with her, she hoped they would leave. But, they didn`t. Her eyes blurred as she saw them assault her. Then one withdrew a dagger and pierced a deep cut on her chest. Then another. She saw all of it.

He shoved his hand into her and pulled her intestines like they were something to play with. Done and dusted, happy about their success story, they left. She sat on the bed waiting for someone to rescue her.

After some time, she heard her mother scream looking at her naked body on the floor. She tried to comfort her. But, her mother wouldn’t hear her. She wanted to tell her about the swines who did this to her. But she couldn’t. Drowned in tears, she walked by her mom as they carried her to the hospital. She saw her friends and family cry over her. She didn’t understand, she was right there all the time. But, they couldn’t see her.

Then, she realized she was gone. Her soul was ripped from her body. Her dreams were shattered just like her. No one will know what happened to her or who did this to her. She wanted to live. Just like you and me. She loved her life. She had dreams like every other girl. She could do nothing but cry. They doctor said she died of a head injury.

She dissolved in the air as they burned her the next day.

The world came to know about this two to three days later. The police said they were waiting for forensic reports to find out if the victim was raped and then murdered. Activists sprang to life, tags such as #justiceforjisha #anothernirbaya flaunted their way in the social media. They fought for justice like they did three years ago. Three years later they may still fight. But, what’s the point? She is gone. Jyoti, Jisha and many unnamed warriors have fallen.

Being their kind, I am scared as well. I am scared when I see that tall man in the mall raping me with his eyes. I am scared when its late night and I am the only one traveling in the cab. I am scared when I am walking alone in the street and I hear footsteps behind me. Do you really understand what it is to feel like an alien in your own land? Please, I beg you, don’t ask from us more than what we can give. And, when we refuse don’t snatch it from us.

The accused will be caught and released. The world will blame the women for wearing short clothes and provoking men. While you pity the dead, pity yourselves because you did nothing about it. More rapes, more abuses, and more souls maimed.

The world will soon become a living hell. Thanks to you.

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