To Fall in Love is Easy

Girls, guys are insensitive, ignorant and self-centered. They are going to gaze at other girls, even when they are in a serious relationship with you. They are going to be late for a family reunion that took you three months to plan. They will bring the hell out of you. And, that’s what makes them men. If your guy doesn’t fall under any of these – Run! Just run, without looking back! You`re dating a Vampire.

Move on girls, your Prince Charming is never coming. Because Prince Charmings don’t exist neither do happily ever afters, there is no knight in a shining armor galloping to rescue you. Ever wondered what happened to Cinderella after she got married?

The guy wearing the black cape might love you more than the moron on the white horse. Your presumable Prince Charming is deficient. And so are you, birds don`t braid your hair nor do you fall asleep on a bed made of roses.

Girl, you’re a mess. Find someone who is as messy as you. Stop chasing the moon and appreciate what you have. Eventually, everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find someone who is worth the suffering.

He is as flawed as you are and that`s what makes your relationship beautiful. Don`t push the bars too high and expect him not to complain. If you think his friends are jerks, what are yours? Don’t tell him what to do and what not to do, remember he handled it very well even before you came into his life. Give him his space, if he wants to devote the evening to his friends, let him. If he wants to spend the Sunday playing video games rather than being with you, don’t question him. He might have his reasons, he has a life as well.

Remember he has a family and he is trying to make you a part of it. So don’t get jealous when he bails on you for his family. Accept him for what he is. Remember you fell in love with him for what he was and not for what you thought he would be.

You might not be his first, last or only one. He might have been in love and he might fall in love again. But, if he loves you now, what else matters? Seize the moment and live your life while it lasts.

Be thankful that he is real and truthful. Trust him. Not all of us are lucky that way. The city is not short of guys who can sweep a girl off her feet and yet leave her for no reason. Most of us have to deal with a nightmare dressed like a daydream. If you are not there, rejoice what you have.

Maybe he wouldn’t quote a poetry or keep thinking about you all the time but he loves you enough to trust you with a part of him that he knows you could break. Fall in love with him for that. Don`t analyze him. Don`t try to manipulate him. Let him know when you are happy. Let him know when you are mad. Perfect guys don`t exist, if he is as imperfect as you are, then love him hard for that.

To fall in love is easy but to stay in love but to stay in love takes everything that you have. Remember difficult roads often lead you to the most beautiful destinations.

Guys, it’s time you know what your girl really wants. To know what, read my blog She – A chaotically beautiful mess.

26 thoughts on “To Fall in Love is Easy

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  1. Agreed to fall in love is easy but to stay in love takes work and a change in mindset. To say that happily ever after don’t exist isn’t true , it depends on what you consider to ever after to be

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  2. >> Girls, guys are insensitive, ignorant and self-centered.
    You are a Mani(ac), I guess. VC was the pivotal here, a good one. Mani Sir casts the lead VC as aptly described in this post. Leela should have read this earlier ๐Ÿ˜‰

    >>To fall in love is easy but to stay in love but to stay in love takes everything that you have.
    It is true, as you said. Every cloud has a silver lining, during the dark days just follow it.


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