Confessions of a Shopaholic

“If shopping doesn’t make you happy then you probably are in the wrong shop!”, avowed some shopaholic like me. “Shopping can sometimes be as noxious as alcohol”, says a self-diagnosed shopaholic after suffering from years of oniomania (compulsive buying disorder). As much as we love shopping, it is incumbent to keep track of our shopping mania.

So, do you find yourself shopdreaming at a random part of the day? do you have an insufferable urge to buy everything tagged with the “S” word ? do you walk into your house every day hoping that, today is not one of those intervention days? Are the shopping apps in your smartphone outnumbering all the other apps put together?

Well, if the answer is “yes”, then chances are high that you have already burnt a big hole in your pocket. My once upon a time recreational shopping  turned out to be a full-time addiction and having not found the cure myself, this blog is definitely not a guide to beat your shopaholism. But to identify one!

You are a hardcore shopaholic if the below points make perfect sense to you!

Shopping is your therapy


Shopping is your only arsenal. You shop every time you have an emotional outburst. You add something to your cart every time you feel happy, sad, angry or bored. A day spent without shopping is considered as a day wasted.

The occasional ‘nothing to wear’ syndrome

giphy (3)
Although, your wardrobe is stacked up with clothes for all occasions (some with a tag). You still have a strong impulse to buy something when you walk into a store. The more you try to resist your temptation, the more alluring it is!

You know it when you see it

You know where your fellow colleague has purchased her dress from even without asking. You’re already in a critical stage if you are able to identify the site that sold it.

You have all the shopping apps installed

You constantly juggle between  apps for offers and participate in random quizzes to win a discount or a product. Your next order  is up even before you receive the previous one. And, yes you never fail to review the product you purchased .

For the heck of it

Last but not the least, you end up buying stuff just because they are on sale. And, when you plan a trip you make sure that your itinerary contains a full-fledged shopping plan.

Well, now that I have jotted down the symptoms, it is natural that you may feel a little apprehensive about your obsessive compulsive disorder to buy everything under the sun. You can take up this test to find out where you stand.

As much as we fantasize about shopping, it is necessary that we draw a line at the correct time or who knows what we might end up in. For it is that line that discerns magic from a jinx!

Well, I am off to draw mine. Hope you do too…

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