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Maruvaarthai Pesadhey..

Disclaimer – This post has nothing, let me make it very clear “NOTHING” to do with Valentine’s day. I have never understood why one would really feel excited about Valentine’s day. So, if that is something you have in your mind. Wash it off.

When every single soul in your contact suggests you a song, you listen to it. And, this is probably the best thing that I have done today (other than procrastinating). There are songs that grab your attention in a second. There are songs that make your heart perform somersaults. Then, there are songs that make you feel everything at once. This is one such song.

This song was released 3 days ago and most of you by now would have listened to it. If you are among the few (like me) who haven’t spared 5 minutes of your time to listen to this, please stop doing whatever it is and go listen.

The last time I went this crazy about a song was “kabira” and I guess “Tum hi ho”, which apparently is nothing when compared to this. Of course, listening to a song in your own mother tongue has it’s own perks. 

This song encapsulates you and segregates every ounce of love you can ever feel, puts them together and gives you an overdosed cocktail. It will make you want to find some one and love them with all that you have or at least that’s how it makes me feel. 

With the wind on my face, the full moon following me, an hour’s worth train travel and this song – I haven’t felt this romantic ever. If this song does not set a relationship goal, I don’t know what else will.

What do you do, when some beautiful lyricist pens down every unnamed emotion that you are trying to understand – you listen to it on repeat mode.

Do listen –


​Not knowing if she was the lighthouse or the storm,

He was torn between an otherwise strong mind and a fragile heart.

For not everything was supposed to be beautiful and long lasting.

There are things that simply fade, without a reason or a goodbye,

Like an unfinished chapter or a lost roadmap,

Or a song that stopped half way through.

Into a galloping field of darkness, the scars reveal.

A truth to be accepted:

When life pushes you around without a second chance,

All that you have to do is find the pieces that don’t fit.

The could haves…


Every girl needs a “Joey” as a friend. Here is why ..

Somewhere between waiting for our Hogwarts letter and wanting to have a life like  F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we all grew up. The first time I watched the series, I was going all ga-ga over the love Chandler had for Monica and how Ross-Rachel were the lobster couple. The second time, I watched the series, it struck me really hard that “Joey” was the best. From friendship goals to dating tips, this guy has given us (girls) everything.

Here is a reason why every girl needs a friend like Joey..

1. He encourages Rachel to go after Ross.


2. He stood for Rachel when Mr. Tregger made her cry


3. He was ready to pee on Monica’s leg when she was stung by the jelly fish


4. He got all the dead Christmas trees for Phoebe because she was sad that they were going to the chipper


5. He offered to be a donor when Monica desperately wanted to have kids (after she broke up with Richard)


6. He quit eating meat when Phoebe when she was pregnant with the triplets (to balance out the cows)


7. He found about Monica and Chandler and still kept it a secret


8. He took the blame when Rachel found Chandler’s underpants in her apartment


9. He refused to watch the porn movie in which Phoebe (actually Ursula) acted


10. He broke up with Janine because she calls Monica was loud and Chandler was blah.


11. He kissed Phoebe when she cribbed about not having a perfect kiss with someone who cared about her.


12. He thought Phoebe was pregnant (while she was covering for Rachel) and proposed her because she didn’t have to raise the baby all by herself.


13. And then, he proposed Rachel when he found out that she was pregnant.


14. He lets Rachel go after Ross again. This time knowing that she is the love of his life.




Sorry, I couldn’t.
Sorry, I did not notice.
Sorry, I broke your heart.
Sorry, I yelled at you.
Sorry, I had to leave.
Sorry, I let you down.
Sorry, I messed up.

Sorry, Sorry and Sorry. How easy it is to say a sorry and move on. Sorry has become that five letter word that gets tagged along with every mistake you do. Sorry I did this, Sorry I did that.

What value does the word have when the one who has spoken it does not mean it. The next time you use the word “Sorry” as an escape phrase, think about the uncertainty that you left floating around his/her little head, taunting them asking questions of all sorts. Think about the time you were in the receiving end.


I am sorry, but you cannot treat sorry as a service. You need to understand that you really cannot win over every thing with just this one word. Sometimes, you have to work hard and own for your mistakes. And, sometimes you have to keep walking and climbing, no matter how slow you think you are going, you just have too. Because, that is how it works.

Good things take time. Beautiful things take even longer. Embrace what you love and first things first, fix it. Remember that an apology means nothing if you keep doing the same thing that you are sorry for.

Oh, 2016!

She stood there for long..

listening to the ebbing waves sing a weird sea-song.

And as the rendezvous prolonged..

 She whispered,“2016, let’s pretend you never happened”.

Not an Extrovert nor an Introvert?

Do you get that feeling of constantly wanting to go out and have fun yet simultaneously try to avoid every possible human contact?
Are you a weird mix of calm and calamity?
Are you a private person yet an open book?

Hey yeah, I feel you. Half of us is full of plans and the other half of us is inevitably shy. We spend all our time planning for an event but on the day, all that we would want to do is crawl and sleep. Yes, we exist trying our level best to co-exist. Continue reading “Not an Extrovert nor an Introvert?”

Life Lessons 101


10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India

I have been planning on this post for a very long time but now with Trump being elected as the president, I can’t think of a better reason to post this.  I am sure his vision to ensure open job opportunities for the US citizens first has put a big inverted curve on the faces of many Indians. Why? because from now on its going to be a little difficult for you to find an America mapla (groom) or boast about your paethi (granddaughter) not being able to communicate in Tamil.

Continue reading “10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India”

Her Mistakes


Halloween 2016


She and the stars


The Call


Cheap Thrills and You

It is approximately 8 in the morning. She boards the crowded bus and he pushes himself on her. She is 45.

She is in her class, her lecturer brushes his hands over her shoulders as he collects the assignment from the girl behind her. She is 19. Continue reading “Cheap Thrills and You”

Together and Different


My first take on writing a tiny tale. Your remarks and suggestions are most welcome.

People. People. People.

“She will never have a problem with making new friends!” was what my friends told about me on the last day of school. Little did they know what the future had in store for me.

If you’re in your twenties, switched multiple jobs and is currently working in a top notch company – this is something you would relate to. People are fake, selfish and cunning. For the next 2 minutes, you are going to listen to my honest rant. Continue reading “People. People. People.”

Don’t pretend you know what love is when all you got was a heartbreak.

To all the pretty single and tough girls out there who are busy being the warrior you want to be. You’re doing great. But, pause and listen up. A little help wouldn’t do harm! Continue reading “Don’t pretend you know what love is when all you got was a heartbreak.”

Letter to my BFF’s Spouse

Dear BBF’s Future Love,

Congrats! My BFF is the best thing that has ever happened to you. I know because she is the best thing that could happen in anyone’s life. She is like the blue crayon, that you cannot get enough of, the crayon that colours the vast sky and the deep sea. Continue reading “Letter to my BFF’s Spouse”

From Fridays to Mondays

It was yet another idle weekend that I got to spend doing nothing but skim through the pages of an old book trying to come up with a plot for my own while randomly surfing the internet for deals. The very fact that the next day is the first working day of the week had eaten up my whole Sunday evening. Continue reading “From Fridays to Mondays”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -Review

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places…

Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -Review”

Happy Birthday, Harry!

The things that we love have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

J.K Rowling was the reason why I started reading and she continues to be the reason I still do. The best thing today second to Harry and JKR’s birthday is the release of Harry Potter and the cursed child, the nineteen years later story. I almost forgot what it feels like to wait for a book to get released. The last time I had this deja vu was on 21st July 2007. And, I thought I was over all that. That was, until last night. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Harry!”

To Rosary School Stand Brave

“if we bid goodbye and our paths never cross again, I want you to remember this”, she said.

I want you to take a piece of me with you wherever you go. I want you to remember that everything is going to be fine and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want you to trust yourself the way I trusted you. I want you to be you.

I want you to embrace your dreams. I want you to know that you’re loved, beyond measure. I want you to be there for others, just like how I have been there for you. I want you to believe in miracles. I want you to create magic. I want you to be everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

Continue reading “To Rosary School Stand Brave”

Crappy night and Confused mind

Along the shore, she stood,
churning the turmoil of the hour.
dotting the should’s and the could’s
and cutting silhouettes of the air

Continue reading “Crappy night and Confused mind”

Time and Again

While you are running fast to catch whatever it is, I would like to remind you something. The earth still revolves around the sun, 24 hours still make a day and 60 seconds still equals one minute. So, why hustle? What happens to this moment if you’re constantly racing to the next?

Continue reading “Time and Again”

Letter to my Ex-Best Friend

Dear Ex-best friend,

Yes, I called you that!

2 years ago if someone had told us that this would be our future, they would have received a punch on their face. But today, here we are embracing the harsh truth of reality.

Today morning on my way to the office I saw three kids engrossed in a deep conversation, which I couldn’t help eavesdrop. They were crazy, they had the same amount of craziness that we once had. Continue reading “Letter to my Ex-Best Friend”

The Voice for the Voiceless

While wet noses, sloppy kisses and wagging tails have the power to heal anything, the world is not short of people who are desperate to destroy this magic.

Continue reading “The Voice for the Voiceless”

21 Reasons Why a Girl-Boy Friendship is Awesome!

It’s the 21 century, the era where you can do anything and everything. The idea of flying cars or aqua racers does not amuse us as much as a simple girl-boy friendship. Oh my god, that’s so not plausible, Is it?

Continue reading “21 Reasons Why a Girl-Boy Friendship is Awesome!”

The Delusion

She wandered alone on a forlorn night
By the lonely sea beneath the starry sky.
Like a pearl so bright,
Sparkled the worldly eyes!
And finally in light
Is a tale she truly denied.

One shade more; one shade less
She spoke so much of his nameless grace.
And then dawned his eternal bliss
A decision she lovingly embraced.
A kiss and hug as he raced
To a far and unknown place.

Continue reading “The Delusion”

The Skeptical Question

The world is encumbered with different types of people. People are encumbered with loads of emotions. People who do soulmates, people who don’t, and then sometimes people like me – the ambiguous ones, the skeptics.

Life was not supposed to be this way, I was supposed to fall hopelessly in love with someone. A love that massively consumed me. A love that certainly was supposed to erupt like a volcano burst into flames and then ember forever. But then no, had that happened, I wouldn’t be writing this blog!

Continue reading “The Skeptical Question”

Rise and Shine, Sweetheart!

Another day, another month and another year has fallen and yet nothing has changed. Everybody has a story that they don’t shout out loud. If you know what I mean, hugs my love, this is for you.

You might often feel that fighting for that one person you love the most is the best thing that you could ever do. That, there is something extremely magical about winning them. But, eventually, all that you will feel once you get what you want is abomination, antipathy and animosity. You will realize that there is nothing beautiful about having to constantly convince someone to love you.

So comes the question of moving on. Is it okay to move on?

Continue reading “Rise and Shine, Sweetheart!”

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