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A letter to the friends of a girl who cares too much


How are you today? How is life treating you? And, hey how is that friend of yours? That friend who you think has no time for you. The one who is always very busy. I just can’t remember her name. What is it?

Yes, her. Did she cancel another meeting? Damn, too bad man. Did you ask her why? Where was she held up? No? Why? Because she gives you the same old excuses?

Hmmm.. Can I ask you something? How long have you been friends?

Ouch.. That’s quite some time. It’s a pity that you guys were together so long and you still don’t understand her. Don’t you know that she is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve? The one who makes friends really easy and wants to be there for everyone. She loves each of them differently and has a problem when it comes to choosing. Don’t you realize that she is a cornucopia of love and is designed that way? 

Don’t you know that no matter how many friends she has, you hold a special and incomparable place in her heart. Do you doubt that?

She sure might love someone more than she loves you. But, how can you compare? I mean doesn’t she give you all the love that you need. She yearns for different people at different degrees and maybe you should just leave it that way. She loves you and you are special to her. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that what you need?

Hasn’t she always been there when you needed her? Hasn’t she made sure that you are okay every time you had a fallout? Maybe today, someone somewhere needs her more than you do. Maybe a cup of coffee with you weighs a little less when compared to what her other friend is going through.

Aren’t you among the first few who gets to know anything new that’s happening in her life? Wasn’t she the one who jumped with joy when you got your dream job at Alaska and later wept like a kid because you had to leave.

Maybe she missed a few Skype calls, a few sleepovers, and a few house parties. But, isn’t she the same girl who stood by your side when you made a mistake, covered up for you when you had to go and got you ice cream tubs when you were upset?

Do you still think you are not her priority? Well if you do, I think it’s your problem and not hers because regardless of what you think and what you do, she’d love you the same way. 


The girl who got tired of explaining herself.

The Invisible Anchor

Have you even been in a relationship where you were so much in love with someone that your world seemed to literally revolve around them? Where she/he consumed every ounce of you? Where even after all the mess that she/he has put you through, you’d find comfort in his/her deep brown eyes?

Love is one of the best emotions that one could ever experience. Well, at first it is all smiles and butterflies. Then there is this crazy adrenaline rush that you get when you receive a text message. You spend most of your time daydreaming, uncontrollably grinning and fantasizing about every possible minute you get to spend with them.

It’s a time when you feel life is transparent, simple, and uncomplicated. What could possibly go wrong when you are full of love? Well, everything. Love evolves. Isn’t it nice to have someone who knows you inside out? Starting from what you like to how you would react. To love unconditionally is both a boon and a bane.

Because you’d make them your Wonderwall. You’d open your vulnerability. You will give them the power to crash your universe and stake your soul. A power that they will cherish at your will. But it doesn’t last that way forever, does it? Yes? No?

It is not relationships that we are afraid of. It is the commitment that scares us. We have woven a web that entangles love, lust, freedom, respect and what not.

There is an invisible anchor that is pulling you down and that can make life harsh sometimes. Not everything is supposed to become beautiful and long lasting. People walk into your life only to walk out, to show you what is right and what is wrong.

Like Kiersten White said, you will choose him/her in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. You would still find and choose them but, do they really want to be chosen?

We live in a time where we decide life partners by swiping left and right. Is there a thing called unconditional love? It leaves me thinking. Let alone unconditional love, do we even say goodbyes anymore? We don’t. We ignore and assume that things are over. But, who are we to judge? That’s how the world revolves.

You’d hope for shooting stars and when you see one you’d run and hide. Because today’s stardusts burst into agony.

*Honest rantings in between work.

**Edited version of my article published in the opinion blog on June 13, 2016.

Is it okay?

It’s okay. Trust me.

It’s okay to not like something that the whole world finds interesting.

It’s okay to adjust to your monotonous job.

It’s okay to quit and do whatever you want.

It’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand.

It’s okay to feel so strong about something.

It’s okay to not feel at all.

It’s okay if you want to settle down.

It’s okay if you don’t want to settle.

Continue reading “Is it okay?”


You Cannot be his “Choice”

Are you happy about the fact that he chose you over another girl? Don’t be. That’s the worst thing he has done to you. Life is not a race, to be happy that you won. In fact, the loss is yours.  He actually put you in a position where he had to choose, think about it.

There you are in the middle of nowhere, looking at your phone, eyes fixed, waiting and your heart shrinks with every beep, every text that you get. You know the answer could be anything. It could be you or her. As the uncertainty engulfs you, your stomach tightens… Continue reading “You Cannot be his “Choice””

9 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Co-worker

Deciding your life by swiping right or left can often leave you bewildered and thus get you thinking, “Why can I not date a co-worker?”

Having a crush at your workplace is fine, but the moment it crosses that line you should know what you are signing up for. Continue reading “9 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Co-worker”

Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma

“Unaku Rohini eh pudikalana, enna pudikalana”

By then, I was sitting at the edge of my seat, eyes welled up holding back the tears. Varun Chakarapani is hope. The guy who crosses 7 seas and 7 mountains in search of the girl he loves is hope.

I am the kind of person who prefers watching the movie on the first day because I can’t stand spoilers. I have been eagerly waiting for the release of Kaatru Veliyidai from the time it was rumored to be called as Kurudi Pookal. But then, unfortunately, I had to leave Chennai and was back only yesterday night. 4 days I had to save myself from preying reviews of how slow the movie is and how Mani sir should not be allowed to make movies anymore. Continue reading “Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma”

I choose to

I stare at the screen – immobilized. I see the words etched across, mouth gaping, eyes stained and dumbfounded. It is a blatant truth that I have been scorning, overlooking and passing all my life. And, here it is. Wow, what a great time for a random test on Google to remind me my biggest fear. Continue reading “I choose to”

letthemagicbegin-tale4 (1)

Let me know..

After years and years of pondering, reconstructing and revising, I have finally come to terms with myself, that I am really ready to do this. My question is would you read further? My very first take on contemporary romance fiction. (Please do drop in your suggestions by mail or message). Presenting to you the first 300 words.


He stood there transfixed, looking at the other side of the road as the trains cut across in both directions. Turmoil engulfed him as he thought of her. She was supposed to be back home by now. She always did, no matter what. Continue reading “Let me know..”

Why do the wrong ones seem so right?

Barney over Ted.
Joey over Chandler.
Damon over Stefan.
Klaus over Elijah.
John over Carlos.

Continue reading “Why do the wrong ones seem so right?”

Maruvaarthai Pesadhey..

Disclaimer – This post has nothing, let me make it very clear “NOTHING” to do with Valentine’s day. I have never understood why one would really feel excited about Valentine’s day. So, if that is something you have in your mind. Wash it off.

When every single soul in your contact suggests you a song, you listen to it. And, this is probably the best thing that I have done today (other than procrastinating). There are songs that grab your attention in a second. There are songs that make your heart perform somersaults. Then, there are songs that make you feel everything at once. This is one such song. Continue reading “Maruvaarthai Pesadhey..”


​Not knowing if she was the lighthouse or the storm,

He was torn between an otherwise strong mind and a fragile heart.

For not everything was supposed to be beautiful and long lasting.

There are things that simply fade, without a reason or a goodbye,

Like an unfinished chapter or a lost roadmap,

Or a song that stopped half way through.

Into a galloping field of darkness, the scars reveal.

A truth to be accepted:

When life pushes you around without a second chance,

All that you have to do is find the pieces that don’t fit.

The could haves…


Every girl needs a “Joey” as a friend. Here is why ..

Somewhere between waiting for our Hogwarts letter and wanting to have a life like  F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we all grew up. The first time I watched the series, I was going all ga-ga over the love Chandler had for Monica and how Ross-Rachel were the lobster couple. The second time, I watched the series, it struck me really hard that “Joey” was the best. From friendship goals to dating tips, this guy has given us (girls) everything. Continue reading “Every girl needs a “Joey” as a friend. Here is why ..”


Sorry, I couldn’t.
Sorry, I did not notice.
Sorry, I broke your heart.
Sorry, I yelled at you.
Sorry, I had to leave.
Sorry, I let you down.
Sorry, I messed up.

Sorry, Sorry and Sorry. How easy it is to say a sorry and move on. Sorry has become that five letter word that gets tagged along with every mistake you do. Sorry I did this, Sorry I did that. Continue reading “Sorry”

Oh, 2016!

She stood there for long..

listening to the ebbing waves sing a weird sea-song.

And as the rendezvous prolonged..

 She whispered,“2016, let’s pretend you never happened”.

Not an Extrovert nor an Introvert?

Do you get that feeling of constantly wanting to go out and have fun yet simultaneously try to avoid every possible human contact?
Are you a weird mix of calm and calamity?
Are you a private person yet an open book?

Hey yeah, I feel you. Half of us is full of plans and the other half of us is inevitably shy. We spend all our time planning for an event but on the day, all that we would want to do is crawl and sleep. Yes, we exist trying our level best to co-exist. Continue reading “Not an Extrovert nor an Introvert?”

Life Lessons 101


10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India

I have been planning on this post for a very long time but now with Trump being elected as the president, I can’t think of a better reason to post this.  I am sure his vision to ensure open job opportunities for the US citizens first has put a big inverted curve on the faces of many Indians. Why? because from now on its going to be a little difficult for you to find an America mapla (groom) or boast about your paethi (granddaughter) not being able to communicate in Tamil.

Continue reading “10 Reasons Why One Should Not Leave India”

Her Mistakes


Halloween 2016


She and the stars


The Call


Cheap Thrills and You

It is approximately 8 in the morning. She boards the crowded bus and he pushes himself on her. She is 45.

She is in her class, her lecturer brushes his hands over her shoulders as he collects the assignment from the girl behind her. She is 19. Continue reading “Cheap Thrills and You”

Together and Different


My first take on writing a tiny tale. Your remarks and suggestions are most welcome.

People. People. People.

“She will never have a problem with making new friends!” was what my friends told about me on the last day of school. Little did they know what the future had in store for me.

If you’re in your twenties, switched multiple jobs and is currently working in a top notch company – this is something you would relate to. People are fake, selfish and cunning. For the next 2 minutes, you are going to listen to my honest rant. Continue reading “People. People. People.”

Don’t pretend you know what love is when all you got was a heartbreak.

To all the pretty single and tough girls out there who are busy being the warrior you want to be. You’re doing great. But, pause and listen up. A little help wouldn’t do harm! Continue reading “Don’t pretend you know what love is when all you got was a heartbreak.”

Letter to my BFF’s Spouse

Dear BBF’s Future Love,

Congrats! My BFF is the best thing that has ever happened to you. I know because she is the best thing that could happen in anyone’s life. She is like the blue crayon, that you cannot get enough of, the crayon that colours the vast sky and the deep sea. Continue reading “Letter to my BFF’s Spouse”

From Fridays to Mondays

It was yet another idle weekend that I got to spend doing nothing but skim through the pages of an old book trying to come up with a plot for my own while randomly surfing the internet for deals. The very fact that the next day is the first working day of the week had eaten up my whole Sunday evening. Continue reading “From Fridays to Mondays”

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